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I started with an Apophysis fractal design and then painted the rest in SAI. This was fun to make and I'll probably do a few more but it's not the most painterly technique, it's not something I want to get used to.
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Very Baconian! ;]
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your works are genius
Love this,beautiful
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I think a little more intensity in some of the reds would maybe help but perhaps you were going more for the line quality than color or value. The eyes are very effective.
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Really impressive work. The colours you use and the odd shapes expressing so many things in one time. It's grotesque and horroristic and even a little bit funny (I have a strange sense of humor, sorry). Really, really nice work. I'm amazed.
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I like this one a lot. it looks finished, more polished than ur other work. Kudos dude!!!
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Polish is overrated (imo). If anything, it's the polish that I don't like in this piece.
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nice :) I really like the fractal, works well
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Love this, you're amazing :heart:
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Very cool, you've got somethin' goin' with this one. I like the more realistic render on the eye vs. the gold-lining.
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It's very inventive!~I would call this Stephen Hawking
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Mentally speaking, right? ;)
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It just made me think of him.. a strange twisted body with mysteries inside!!
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(he might be german too )
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This is rad, bro.
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Thanks, bro. Rad thanks, even! :)
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I like the mechanical look the fractal gives to the painting. However, I would have taken a soft eraser brush to erase the mass 'mess' of the fractal where his nose and the top of his mouth would be. It's a little distracting and detracts from the painting. But that's just me. It's a cool technique that with much tweaking could be awesome!
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Thanks. I like the mesh but yeah, if I was going for a cleaner look, I'd do what you suggested.
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