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Maggie Weston

Maggie Weston
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Nice work! I always felt like they kept trying to do more with Maggie, but never got around to it. Big Exosquad fan here as well. I'm actually working on a bit of a fan-project to expand on the original mythos. if you wanna check it out, I've got a post on reddit explaining the project here:….
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Thanks for looking
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My favourite female character in Exosquad - she didn't have a mullet or flat top with hair strips like JT Marsh or Alice Noretti!
the detailing in the drawing is terrific. I especially like the way you have her hands - holding her tools. The only part I am not totally crazy over is her eyes..they lack some expression, the detail that is everywhere else in the drawing is not as much there.
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Thanks for the feedback, I left the eyes like that because the pen I used wasn't that fine so I wouldn't do much to them. I got better pens now so I might go over this to add more detail.
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suh-weeeet math.
Of all the Exo-ladies, Maggie is my favorite, and she looks fabulous.
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Thanks, I'm thinking of bring this one back out and adding to it, or just starting another.
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Glad you like it. Thanks for looking.
This is awesome! I love the way you handled the background on this. Great job!
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Glad you like this, thanks for the comment. Working on more.
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