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Alec Deleon

Alec Deleon from the cartoon Exo Squad.
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Alec was my favourite Exosquad character apart from Marsh. His e-frame was the best design too! I like them in either DeLeon's apple green or orange.
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I love the detail but like raven suggested shading would make a noticeable difference.
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Thanks I'm going over this again but the ink I used first was bad and I think ruined the face lines. I might not up load it I'll see when I scan it if it's good enough. The face here is the best.
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*has just released a sonic boom of a fanboy squeee*

*pounces on DeLeon and carries him off*

OMG. So totally awesome.
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I'm sure that's a site to see. I might make another Maggie to match, complement, this.
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I need to resume my Wedding Bells series at some point. The storyline revolves around Wolf's and Eve's wedding.
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I'll take a look at it.
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I need to re-read it and pick up where I left off
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Well, I'm not registered to give critique, but please take mine anyway.

For starters, the coloring is really well done. It's not too bold or bright. It looks like it fits in with the greys of the machine.

I think a bit of background would have been good, but nothing too fancy. You have so much detail in the foreground. A big, complex background would have been distracting. Another thing--the shading on the man and robot is a bit lacking. The robot needs some darker areas to show that it's solid and has roundness. And it needs highlights. Same with the man. He needs some shading.

The reason you're able to pull off a lack of shading is because you're adding so much detail. The detail is enough to satisfy the eye, in your case, but some shading might make it look a little more solid and realistic.
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Thanks so much I like what you wrote about this. The Shading is something I'm working on to improve, sometimes I think there is enough and don't go darker. Your advice will be used on future work, thanks for your time.
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You're very welcome. :)
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