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M93 Offensive Grenade

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Hallo everyone, this one was posted to my art station first and it is where future updates like process images will be uploaded:…

The original idea was to create a near future grenade with simple yet unique geometry and while mimicking modern manufacturing techniques. The explosive in question is a plastic explosive derived from HNIW and is set off by a 5 second electric timer once the lever is released.
This took very little time to make in software because the sketching/ ideation is what took my time the most.

Soon after I release the preliminary sketches of the rifle design for a client, you will see the more adaptive modeling/manufacturing techniques I will be using for the more sci-fi grenades and shaped charges. A manufacturing technique I want to mimic would be 3D printing finished by CNC machining for grenade manufacture (Additive and subtractive manufacturing). I will be playing around with extra mechanical features as well. (Lots of moving parts)

To end, I'm really happy with how this came out and I hope you like it!
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Any chance you'd make this available in a format I could use with DAZ?
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I'm sorry my comment has been delayed, I thought I had replied already but i guess i closed the browser before actually replying. At the current moment, I have plans to completely revamp the M93 in blender 2.8 before I can release compatible file types.
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Awww! Too bad! I see so many amazing 3D models that are not compatible with DAZ and always wonder why they’re not - it seems logical to that, given how ubiquitous DAZ is people would want to make sure their work is DAZ compatible but I’m sure there are considerations I’m not aware of. Anyway! I hope to be able to use this brilliant resource someday!
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"Player eats Attacker's pineapple." - Quake I death message
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My dude, does it kill like every usual live grenade would? The name seems bad-ass, I wonder what else it does aside from a "electric timer".
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Well, it pretty much does just kill like every live grenade lol, just no fragmentation since this isn't a defensive grenade. The electric timer was just to make it more precise and predictable than a modern slow-burn chemical fuse plus the top is modular to where you could make it a laser or wired trip mine. So with the right tools, correct timer head, and some strong adhesive if you wish, this design could be used for a lot of things.
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How offensive is it? what kind of insults does it have?
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Give it 5 seconds and it'll show you a world of insult lol.
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Nice looking grenade but the days of cast and machined grenades are long gone.  Stamping and composites are the present and future of grenade construction.
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Glad you like the grenade! I won't disagree at all that stamping and composites are definitely the present and future however for the rendering and geometry of this grenade the thin walled centrifugal die casting provided much easier creation and utilization of the internal mounting system. This grenade was designed to be modular via the top plate because it can be removed and replaced with components that can make it a smart grenade. (Much later design coming) To fully mount the grenade in its current config is via 4 non-conductive screws and the securing disc followed by screwing on the control node. (The hammer, pin, and lever system)

The next grenade project was to use 3D printing for parts of the construction however, I cannot put that one out until my sketches commission rifles are done. They are priority because one is corporate and the other is a member of the community.
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Put a lot of thought into your design and I applaud.  Still way to complicated for a grenade.
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I won't disagree, super over complicated compared to the modern m67 grenade (and any other modern one) but when you try to throw in those tidbits of si fi, the greebling and over complication of things comes into play.
Also, I try to put alot of thought into all my designs so that they can come out better and have their place in my gallery. I've learned from alot of mistakes down the road.
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How do these kill? Fragmentation grenades surprisingly, launch fragments and shrapnel to kill people rather then the explosion.
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Fragmentation grenades are used usually as defensive grenades. You would usually take a defensive position and throw it while you where behind cover and hope the fragmentation kills or mortally wounds your enemy. Offensive grenades usually utilize the concussive blast/air burst of the grenade when it explodes and are usually used when you are on the offensive such as breaching structures. Because I have a much stronger explosive being used in the grenade, the effect/kill radius should be stronger than standard offensive grenades.
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The government of Falasia will order 2 billion of these
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Lol, glad they like them haha
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Don't forget to shout "No offense!" as you throw it, offensive as it may be we wouldn't want to offend anyone. Ok jk jk xD... good work, these look pretty damn cool! :D
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I'm very glad that you find them interesting!
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It is cool and very offensive. Haha XD
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these'll come in handy...and more reliable than a standard frag too
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Glad you like them but I'd have to say some testing would need to be done first!
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well I'll be using them as a last resort
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