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I brought back this rifle from my old concept bin and decide to finish it while one of my files renders out in 3DS max, then I'm off to more interior designs for a small bit. I watched Elysium again recently and wanted something that could fit in its universe and so I took what I had and made this. Hope you like it and its familiar but unique combat capabilities!

The LMR-90 stands for Linear Motor Rifle model 90. It is a dual stage linear motor rifle with a preliminary coil to bring the round onto the rail.
The green battery is only used for the rail structure while the coil is powered by the battery built into the hybrid magazine.
This firearm fires a 5.45 x 48mm discarding sabot. Flat tipped sabots are generally used for soft targets and are available in hollow-point.
The display is only clicked on for in-and-off field diagnostics and to check the battery. The display will generally be turned off to avoid illumination that would give away the operator's position.
Foregrips can be swapped out for other hardware such as picatinny mounted grenade launchers. In such case the operator can move their hand back to the original foregrip in front of the trigger.
The sight is labeled multi pass because it can layer optical views for a unique targeting experience.
The current stock is non adjustable however, you can buy a configuration that allows for stock extension.

For size reference I have made a quick shop of the rifle in an operators hands over on my artstation since I can't post two pictures here:…
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That's awesome, Dude! :) How many bullets can it have in a magazine? :)

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damn, this is a fine weapon. Always loved the P90 ever since Stargate SG1 and then the elite soldiers in Metal Gear Solid, it has been a huge influence on my own weapon design. And I love how you took its appealing futuristic good looks and made it into an actual futuristic weapon.

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Its soooo bad ass
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Its not too bad ass haha, thank you for taking interest tho!
Is this the kind of Gunpowder+Electromagnetic rail weapon?
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No, by dual stage I'm referring to the initial coil as stage one and the actual rail as stage two. No gunpowder is used in this firearm.
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There should be props of this, if not actual guns.
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I feel the same way haha. However, I've got a project that may make some of them a reality. I just can't disclose it fully.
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This is gorgeous.
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Thank you very much!
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It looks like it was based off of the FN-P90 if I'm not mistaken.
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The firearm is heavily based off of the p-90 with the idea that the parent company FN reused the chasis design but built a linear motor rifle around it thus the FN LMR-90 was born.
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That s a cool story bro. It also reminds me a bit of the FN-2000
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wow very nice concept
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Is this a weapon to surpass Metal Gear?
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I still think Sahelanthropus could still take on my LMR lol
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What if the Rail projectiles were filled with Metallic Archea?
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No wait Sahelanthropus uses Metallic Archea as a weapon.
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See, Sahelanthropus could take it on lololol.
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What if Big Boss was wielding it?
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