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Wesley Johnson
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Hiya, I am a recent graduate of the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith's Animation Technology program. My main focus is on concept art and in the meantime I am creating my very own Cyberpunk IP 'Shattered Nexus'.

I was born in Fort Smith and was raised in the neighboring town of Alma, Arkansas. As of now I am 22 years old and I am fluent in 3DS Max, AutoCAD, Inventor, and Fusion360 with experience with the Adobe suite, Marvelous Designer, and Houdini Fluid Systems.


Man, work has me swamped with a lot of projects but I will keep pushing on! I'm also really excited that we have hit 500 watchers and reached another milestone for the page!!!!!!!

I really appreciate the community for the warm reception I have received for my work and for you all sticking with me in the times that I am really busy! I have to say, the ability to have a portfolio here where people from all walks of life can look at and enjoy is really an awesome thing to have!! However, I know I need to kick up my work to even higher levels of complexity so I am going to try and branch into even more in-depth sci fi works while keeping realism within reach.

For this milestone I'm planning on throwing out a couple of free 3D printable files for you all to use for props and cosplay. The first files will be the M93 Offensive grenade and a more complex defensive grenade prop. The rest I will initially put out will be a couple of bladed items (with dulled edges of course for specific countries). Also, I'm aiming to make little key chains versions of them for you all as well. So for those of you who have 3D printers or have access to one I think you all will enjoy it!

The items will be available on myminifactory in the near future and I will post the link along with a presentation image for everyone to see.

Hope you all have an amazing rest of the week and I will see you all in the next post!!
M93 Offensive Grenade
Hallo everyone, this one was posted to my art station first and it is where future updates like process images will be uploaded:…

The original idea was to create a near future grenade with simple yet unique geometry and while mimicking modern manufacturing techniques. The explosive in question is a plastic explosive derived from HNIW and is set off by a 5 second electric timer once the lever is released.
This took very little time to make in software because the sketching/ ideation is what took my time the most.

Soon after I release the preliminary sketches of the rifle design for a client, you will see the more adaptive modeling/manufacturing techniques I will be using for the more sci-fi grenades and shaped charges. A manufacturing technique I want to mimic would be 3D printing finished by CNC machining for grenade manufacture (Additive and subtractive manufacturing). I will be playing around with extra mechanical features as well. (Lots of moving parts)

To end, I'm really happy with how this came out and I hope you like it!
Wooot! I got paid my thousand dollar commission and I'm already assigned onto another project!
Also, I have two new munitions pieces available for viewing today!
Hope you like them!

The following is a draft of one of the scenes for my movie. This DOES NOT give away any information regarding the plot of the story and is purely a scene to show off both Kira's new arm and transition to the next scene. NONE of the following work may be used in any other stories nor will there be any modifications or rewrites of this work. With that said, enjoy!

    Kira’s breathing is audible and calm and in the gradually fading blackness there is a muffled beep reverberating rhythmically in the distance. It slowly gets louder until it reaches its crest and the blackness is gone. Kira, lying similarly to when she was in the pod starts to twitch. She slowly opens her eyes and lifts her head to look around. Everything is a little blurry at first but it soon clears up. By the looks of it, she's at the hospital. She looks down at her wrist and notices a glowing armband. She lifts up her arm to inspect the band and notices the static text glowing on the tiny flex-screen. It reads, “Anderson, Kira. Female, 25, Intensive Care patient, Gold Status”. Confused by what it means Kira puts her arm down and tries to get up and notices that she can’t move her left arm. She props herself up with her right arm until she's fully upright and then reaches over to uncover the gown over her left arm. To her horror her left arm is gone entirely and there is an odd black and metal extrusion. The heart monitor starts beeping faster and her breathing gets heavier as she starts grabbing at her gown trying to remove it. Centimeter by centimeter she is confronted by a foreign black material covering her left breast and starts to look around the room when she spots a mirror. She rolls herself out of the bed disconnecting several wires and monitors off of her and discards her mask. An alarm with an AI voice starts to call out for a Doctor Smith. At the mirror Kira slowly lowers her gown further and confirms her fears. Kira no longer has her left arm and much of her left upper torso including her breast has been covered by a black substance. The door to the room suddenly opens and the doctor runs in, freezing when he sees Kira standing there. Kira turns to the doctor with tears streaming down her face and weakly asks, “what happened.” He slowly walks over to Kira and with a calm voice says to her, “Mrs. Anderson, please sit down on the bed and I will answer all of your questions to help you adjust to the situation. Kira pauses and quietly nods to him and lets him escort her to the bed. Once on the bed she asks what had happened.

“Mrs. Anderson, you were injured severely in a terrorist attack at Hibanna Square and were transported to our hospital where you have been in a coma for three weeks,” the doctor responds.

“But what about my arm, what happened to me,” Kira asks.

“The extent of your injuries were so great that we couldn’t save your arm without a greater risk of both infection and chronic pain,” the doctor states, “So we chose to amputate and prep you for augmentation.” Confused, Kira asks, “augmentation, what augmentation?” to which Doctor Smith promptly answers with, “your new arm Mrs. Anderson. Come with me, I’ll show you.”

Kira pauses for a second, then nods.

    As Kira is rolled through the hospital in a wheelchair, she blankly looks at the passing windows that fade between clear views of the city fog and various advertisements. One advertisement that appears, a soft voice reads aloud, “Discover augmentation, rediscover your life. Ningen Dynamics.” While it translates to japanese they turn the corner and head down a hallway marked “Augmentation.” After passing through two electronic double doors they reach the augmentation room. It looks like a standard operating room but its table is a body ergonomic resting bed attached to what looks to be a large white ring with robotic arms attached to it. Before Kira can examine the room anymore the doctor asks her to stand up and step onto the footprints marked on the floor. Once she does a panel on the ceiling lights up and two white pistons on another ring slowly move downward. As this happens the doctor walks over and picks up a tablet off of the center terminal. When he picks it up he looks to Kira and says, “Please stand still until the scanning procedure is done .” When the doctor activates the tablet a bright linear laser and grid appears, and the ring begins to circle around Kira. The motors make a whirring sound as they circle Kira and the ring structure around the bed starts to move and what appear to be handles position themselves on the ring. Once the the laser turns off, the entire unit lifts back into the ceiling.

    “Please have a seat,” the doctor says gesturing towards the chair. Slowly, Kira makes her way to the bed, turns around, and lies down. The doctor walks over and softly secures Kira’s legs, shoulders, and abdomen to the bed via the five padded straps. After applying the straps, he moves to a panel on the floor and opens it revealing an array of wires and connectors. He takes five connectors and and plugs them into their designated ports on Kira’s head and neck. As soon as the first connector is plugged in, Kira’s eyes widen as a heads up display appears out of thin air. As she looks around, objects in the room have an illuminated outline. “What is this,” Kira asks astounded.

    “That’s the hospital’s standard calibration display,” the doctor replies. “Everything you are seeing is data from your brain being routed to our computers where we overlap calibration information and send it back. Nothing you are seeing is permanent and it is 100% harmless.”

    “Well what are the straps for,” Kira asks to which the doctor replies with, “This.” He then taps the tablet and the ring and chair start to recline. At the same time the robotic arms that were once stagnant on the walls and ceiling come alive. Panels on the walls begin to open revealing numerous objects, some of which appear to resemble bionic prosthetics. In one panel drawer, a bionic hand is plucked out and placed on the handle where Kira’s left hand would be. The next panel holds the inner structure of Kira’s new arm. Carbon fiber and titanium synthetic bone structures are pulled, placed, and screwed to the metal extrusions on Kira’s shoulder. The robotic arms coordination is lightning fast as they place the electronics, connect the neural connections, and mount the cyber muscles. Finally as a finishing touch a high powered laser welds the cyber muscles together via their seams and tethering points leaving no gaps, holes, or permutations. As the arms and wall panels retract back to their original positions, the bed and ring slowly move back to their home positions and the Doctor unstraps Kira from the bed and disconnects the neural connectors.

    “Ms. Anderson, try to let go of the handle with your new arm,” the doctor says with anticipation. For a moment Kira’s arm seems frozen to the handle but then the hand begins to slightly twitch and in the next few seconds, Kira releases the handle and raises her new hand to her face. As she examines it the doctor tells her to catch and tosses a small ball towards Kira and without hesitation she catches it with her new arm. Kira’s eyes widen as she can actually feel the ball in her grasp.

    “I-I didn’t realize we had this type of prosthetic technology yet. Everyone I know who had to have a prosthetic can’t afford nerve sensors. How am I able to afford this,” Kira asks dumbfounded.

    The doctor smiles and says, “Ms. Anderson, you have a platinum level insurance policy courtesy of the hospital and your loving parents. When you were admitted after the attack your file appeared on our hospital overseer’s desk. He worked very closely with your mother to develop the AI system that cares for our Intensive care patients to this very day. It was the very same system that kept you with us. Your only fees will be through your prescriptions and if you feel that you are ready I can take you to the outpatient center where you can be discharged.” Kira sits for a second with a half smile on her face as a tear rolls down her cheek. As the smile begins to fade, Kira sniffles, looks up to the doctor, and asks, “did my fiance make it? Is he alright?”

    “Let me check, what’s his name,” the doctor asks as he opens the tablet again.

    “Tomatsu Ohara,” Kira replies as she waits with anxiety. The doctor types the name into his tablet and lets it search through the hospital records but when the search stops, his expression turns serious and uncomfortable. “Oh,” he says gravely while a frantic Kira responds, “What, what is it. Is he hurt, if so how bad. Please, please tell me he is okay.” The doctor walks closer to Kira, kneels down and says, “Ms. Anderson, I am terribly sorry but your fiance suffered multiple traumatic injuries which left him in severe condition. Our team tried everything in their power but he died during operation.

    Shakily, Kira stutters, “He, he saved me. But why?”

    The doctor leans forward and softly says, “It’s because he loved you, Ms. Anderson. He loved you so much he was willing to do anything to protect you.” As the doctor tries to ease Kira’s emotions his voice fades out and Kira starts to look over at her new arm. As it rolls over, Kira can see its palm and then she hears Tomatsu’s voice say, “I love you” and everything goes black.



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