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Thoughts on my characters?
I have been doing progress with my characters, as usual, although, I haven't done anything with them, yet... kind of annoying, but I am spending some time to finally show their final look, also to color them, which I am not that good with color combinations. I have some drawings or even comic ideas, which I think is great.
There's a lot of characters in the world, the thing that always come first in my mind is, how unique (or different) they look? (Except Skullex, that is debatable)
So far, by just showing my characters, what are your thoughts on? They aren't colored yet, but still, just their design, what do you think? Should I improve on something? I know it's on one's creativity, but I kind of want like to know. (I still lack of audience, but at least here's the progress of The Trio, and the mighty blob...)
:iconskeletonknight82:SkeletonKnight82 2 15
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I've had some seriously bad art block and I NEED something to draw.


United States


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Hello there!
Are you still active?
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Will Smith Tada emoticonSuper Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Will Smith Tada Emoticon But I Flipped It Over by AlphaShitlord 
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Are you Mr. Waft?
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Btw one question that I never got the answer to... what WAS the intention of the "Imagine if getting banned was like actually going to jail" with the soap dropping?
derelmorgado Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017
It was a joke.

Move on.
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Happy Birthday, I'm almost a month late!

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