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TwoKinds dreamtime fanart

By Dereliict
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twas one random night all thru the boat, not a creature was stirring, not even bob the goat. Whilst all the good teenage looking grownups lie in their beds, with thoughts of a big breasted flora posed through their heads.

Lol i made fanart of Flora and Trace and their mutually shared dream of enhanced melons.

Trace, Flora, Kat, and Eric all belong to Tom Fischbach. creator of twokinds. (my favorite comic).

Drawing made by me =3
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© 2008 - 2021 Dereliict
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Dark-Fenrir8224's avatar
haha....good one xD
Sir-Tristan's avatar
How amusing that ERIC is also dreaming it... ha!
JohnTheCat1's avatar
" Check out these melons!" - epic.:lmao:
Heavenly-Dog74's avatar
mine are bigger
Dereliict's avatar
im gonna need a visual confirmation before i can pass judgement ;)
Heavenly-Dog74's avatar
like hell are you seeing mi breasts.
only my bitch can see em
Heavenly-Dog74's avatar
what? you got sumthing against lesbians?
Dereliict's avatar
nope, i just like how you are taking my comments all serious thats all. i have nothing against homosexuality, im actually a bisexual myself.
Heavenly-Dog74's avatar
i hate guys
girls are sooooooo hot
RedDragonLord's avatar
I'm with her, girls r hot, and love the pic
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takara123's avatar
it's funny cause it's true
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