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March 17, 2006
I don't think I've ever seen icons displaying such a deep love and skill on dA before now. The Dilly Rank Icon Gallery by ~derekprospero shines out at you from the page and demands attention.
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The Dilly Rank Icon Collection



Before there was Facebook or MySpace, a friend of mine created “The Dilly.” From 2001-2007, The Dilly made a sizable dent in the Internet lexicon with nearly a million fanatical members. To help distinguish from the growing crop of competition sites, CEO Jeffrey Gilbert offered me a venture partnership where I served as Creative Director. Part of a larger brand initiative, the Rank Icons were created 100% from scratch  to accessorize member profiles and posts. With new characters released each week, members were encouraged to “earn Ranks” through various participation milestones. This viral marketing effort resulted in feverish Rank-hunting and a measurable spike in posts, traffic and sign-ups.

These icons were created using traditional illustration & composite techniques in Photoshop and Illustrator, without any 3D modeling. They are constantly stolen, but for those kind enough to ask permission, please be advised that they are the property of The Dilly LLC and cannot be used for commercial purposes. Technically they shouldn't be allowed for personal use either, but as long as it stays on your computer I don't think anyone is gonna care what you do with them. Thanks for viewing, and if you see them being used anywhere else, drop me a line and I'd be very appreciative.

High Resolution Desktop Line-Ups

Dark #1 - [link]
Dark #2 - [link]
Dark #3 - [link]
Dark #4 - [link]

Light #1 - [link]
Light #2 - [link]
Light #3 - [link]
Light #4 - [link]
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