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Recently, a watch of mine, LooneyTunerIan, asked me how I make my Paper Mario sprites. As I wrote and sent him my response, I realized "I could probably make this public!" So that's what I'm doing now.

This journal assumes you have some version of Adobe PhotoShop. If you don't have the program (and given how exactly Adobe charges for it post-Creative Suite, it's understandable), then perhaps Corel's PaintShop Pro could serve as a cheaper alternative. Check with other sites and people, though, before making any purchases, as not every Adobe PhotoShop feature may be in Corel's program.


1. I size my document according to how big I want the sprites. While 72 dots per inch (DPI) is good, and while Color Splash uses an unusual amount of DPI, I do 300 (the highest possible amount). That way, if I need to use less DPI for some reason, I fear no shenanigans.

2. I find an idle dummy for Paper Mario, for the sake of size comparison. That way, I always know how big the character is supposed to be. Of course, I use my own custom PM.

As for how I figured out the size for my Mario (and all future sprites in general), I used the CS sprite as a beginning point. Then, using the resize option, I increased t size by a certain amount (can't remember how much exactly), so my sprites would appear good/non-jaggy in close-ups on a 1920x1080 screen. Also, so my sprites would always be bigger than the Color Splash sprites in terms of resolution.

3. With that done, I increase the resolution of the document's canvas (not the image itself- the canvas) to make room for a number of sprites and disassembly.



1. If it's a main series character with no Paper Mario sprites, I find pics on the internet for various incarnations of the character. If's it a completely new character, meanwhile, after thinking about the ideas for a bit, if I can't think up a good rough, I find pics of items and whatever general thing the character may be based on for guidance.

2. With the resource pics nearby, I keep drawing and roughs on layers labelled "rough #". I do it near the Mario dummy to ensure size consistency. Every time a rough doesn’t meet my standards, either I copy the layer and edit what I don’t like OR start from scratch in case it’s that far below acceptable.

3. Finally, I create the rough I want.



1. I go to Spriter's resource to locate the original sprite.
2. I then copy and paste the sprite into a PhotoShop layer.
3. I resize it to match the new proportions. Off the top of my head, Paper Mario 64 is increased to 580%, while TTYD is 170%.
4. Finally, to give the remastered version more life, I saturate the source sprite layer by 15%.



1. In case no sprites are available (such as with Zip Toad), I resort to more extreme measures. In this case, I find videos containing the character in question. I then pause the video when the character exhibits unique poses (near Mario if possible).

2. Using the Print Screen (prt sc) button of my computer, I copy and paste that part of the video into the PhotoShop document. Then, I either use the Marquee or Lasso tool to cut and paste the part of the video picture with the character and Mario into a new, smaller layer.

3. I resize this snippet until the Mario in the video pic and the dummy Mario are the same size.



1. I create a folder/group labelled "parts”.

2. Using the various pictures as reference, I create and name part layers in the group based on what poses that character might make (“body”, “foot”, “arm”, “bent arm”, “hand”, “eyes”, “pupils”, “hit pupils”, “mouth”, “open mouth”, “happy mouth”, “happy mouth open”, and other exclusive parts.). This is usually in service of the character in their “idle 1” pose.

3. I trace over either the original sprite or the new roughs. If the outline is off, I use CTRL + Z (Back One Step) to quickly remove it. Alternatively, I use the eraser tool. Both the brush and eraser tool are equally important.

I use a Wacom Intuos drawing tablet with pressure sensitivity for my HD sprites. The brush size is usually 6, with Spacing of 1%. If the character is bigger, I increase the brush size to compensate. If pressure sensitivity is not available for some reason, using the Magic Wand tool and nudging it up and left, followed by deletion of what it encompasses, can create the illusion of dynamic lines. Be sure to use the eraser, too, to smooth out the lines.

4. SHORTCUT: When doing hands, draw the hand closed first. Then, copy the layer and draw it “open”, erasing and using the original hand as guidance. Finally, copy those two layers and redraw as needed for the other side of the hands. Ditto for angry and sad pupils being copied from normal pupils.

5. Before coloring anything in, copy and sort-of flip (-80%, rather than -100) those layers that have reversed parts (eyes, eyebrows, wings). This is so the edges won’t pixelate as much when rotated or resized later.

6. While I have the part outline on one layer, I have the actual color of the part on a layer directly beneath it, called “CLR”.

7. The Magic Wand Tool (in both Adobe Photoshop and PaintShop Pro) can help with the coloring process, whether by deleting excess color outside the part or keeping the color inside a selected area. Just pay attention make sure you’re coloring on the CLR layer beneath the part layer. Using the Magic Wand Tool alongside the Expand option (Select > Modify) also helps ensure no color seeps out of a part. The Eyedropper tool also helps with quickly picking the original extra-saturated sprite for it's color.

8. If there are special palette swaps of a character I’m making, I either copy the group a certain number of times and paint in Mask Layers (makes that layer only appear inside the layer it's atop of) of the color layers as needed, OR I just copy parts and CLR layers as needed. Either way, when done, I Merge Layers as needed. If I recolored in another group, I move those parts back into the main group, then delete the copied group once it’s unique parts are moved out.

9. I reorder the layers as one would see the character. Usually, it’s the arm and hands up front, then the face and all it’s features, then the nearest leg and foot, then body, then further leg and foot, and finally the furthest arm and hands. I also put recolored parts atop their original part and keep the order consistent through the group (NORMAL-GLOOMY-HYPER-DRY-GOLD foot, NORMAL-GLOOMY-HYPER-DRY-GOLD body, and so on and so forth).



1. Keep copying the parts group for use in other poses (“idle/talk”, “walk”, emotion poses, action poses, and whatever else is absolutely necessary). If I believe I might accidentally use the original parts group instead of a copy (it’s happened), then I create a back-up copy of the group and place it at the very bottom of the layer order. To make things easier to manage, I write down the poses I need in a text layer, and do the poses one at a time.

2. In a given poses group, I delete what parts aren’t necessary for that pose (so the sad pupils go sayonara in a group for “happy”), while keeping parts for other versions of the pose (open mouths) and palette swap parts hidden. Even for idle, for easier management.

3. For emotions, if it’s not the idle/talk poses, I rotate parts for the first frame of that pose. Regardless, I then duplicate that pose's group at least 2 times- one for the second frame of the pose, and the other for the talking version.

4. I nudge the copied groups up or down with the arrow keys, the number and direction depending on the polarity of the mood. If it’s a neutral emotion, the second frame goes down while the talking frame goes up, both an equal amount. Positive goes down slightly less while going up slightly more. Negative is the opposite. I then go into each copied layer and nudge the legs and/or feet in the opposite direction an equal number of times.

5. Some smaller rotations are applied to arms and the head to give the character more life. The eyes can also be nudged slightly up or down where applicable to give the feeling the character is focused. The Group Visibility toggle is my friend for comparison.

6. If there’s multiple versions of a character, before Merging the Group (by rightclicking the visible group and selecting the option), I copy the groups a given number of times equal to the number of versions. Then, I go to each group and hide/show/even delete layers to switch the version of the character around. This is necessary, as just showing a layer atop another layer makes it look thicker than it should.

7. For special model mods like normal Goomba to Spiked Goomba, I keep the Spiked Helmet hidden on the normal version of the character. Then, before Merging the Group, I copy the three poses to “SPIKE” versions of them. Finally, I Show the Spiked Helmet Layers in the duplicates.

8. Once I have checked every pose group to ensure everything is correct, I Merge the Group to flatten it, saving on memory in the process. I then move onto the next pose.

9. This can be done at any point during Part 4, but I also duplicate the Parts group into a “disassembly” group. Here, I pull each part of the character apart, yet keep them as close as possible for lower file sizes. Again, multiple versions of a character lead to copying and showing/deleting layers as needed. Once everything is done, each group is Merged separately.



1.  With all that done, there’s only the matter of spacing out the sprites and disassembly. Not only do I do this- I also include the Mario dummy for assistance in size comparison.

2. Once everything is all spaced out enough, I finally save the file as a non-Interlaced PNG with no background.

And that’s how I do it.


1. If there's a specific character of a certain species I want to create (Toad, Goomba, Koopa), I make the generic version of them first. That way, I can just reopen the original source file for future use and Save As a new file, rather than recreate the assets all over again.

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So, in recent months, a lot of fanworks based on Mario have been taking a different road. Namely, they're being halted or changed into non-Mario stories. This includes Paper Mario, of course.

In addition, I've been finding more and more that I simply don't have the time I used to anymore in making these things. I've tried to avoid saying this publicly, but it's no use- I just can't keep doing this forever.  While I do like writing this stuff, I realize I need another way of fighting the eighth-gen Paper Mario team.

Over the last little while, I've been doing some thinking on my own future- what I want to do, and what's best.
And so, I've come to the following decision- whatever has been announced regarding Paper Mario major projects or requests is still a go. However, beyond that......I'm done.

To make this simple, here's what's still on the table and will eventually be finished for sure.
JUNE 21st 2018 ADDENDUM: This stuff also gets priority over requests not among the four listed here.
+The Fantendo version of Paper Mario: Color Splash Recut.
+The Mario Story Fruit Shake fangame topic's release. To answer another question, no- Fruit Shake isn't getting de-Marioized into a different franchise. Others have their own ideals on the origins and finale of a fan project, and that's cool. For me, I want to stick with Fruit Shake as it is- a Paper Mario story- to the end. However, this also means some features I originally promised, like level maps, will not be drawn after all. Apologies. (Also, there's that detail where the waiver in the prelude topic prevents me from de-Marioizing Fruit Shake, as Nintendo is legally the owner of the story and it's contents. Though even the waiver has a pseudo-opening the no-loopholes clause doesn't cover...)
+Cooperation on Benstar's Colors of Creation, or rather Project Luna. If you have Discord, head over to the Starshine Beacon to learn about its own change.
+Remaining requests, listed here... (JUNE 15th 2018 UPDATE: Finished!)
1. Calender Toads (ToxicIsland)
2. Oucher Glass (Madbird82)
3. Sophiana [non-Nintendo] (SuperMarioSuperstarr)
4. Eighth gen Goombas, Koopas and Shy Guys/Snifits w/extra parts (LooneyTunerIan)
+Other potential requests will have more stringent rules than before.
+Any HD remasters of Nintendo or DMZ characters when I have time.

Conversely, here is what's incredibly unlikely to happen in the future.
-Paper Mario Recut 3/Switch Recut. If the Switch game is just as problematic as the eighth gen originals or somehow worse, I won't be around to alleviate classic fans again. They're (mostly) on their own.
Why the "mostly"? Well, without saying too much, there's something planned for the end of Fruit Shake to ensure the light of DMZ shines over future neo-style Paper Mario games Nintendo makes.
-Any other unannounced Paper Mario original fangame topics. Buuuuuut! Unused/non-publicized ideas, or even vague hints could still be refitted/return for other and future projects.
-Any new DMZ Paper Mario characters not mentioned in the recuts, Relic Hunter, Wonder Journey or Fruit Shake. See the above for their futures. Also, one of the Paper Mario characters I've done, Tivatty, was not in a fangame topic, nor did she have a waiver in her own deviation. Therefore, Tivatty can return/debut in a future non-Paper Mario story, with only her eyes being changed for "plausible deniability" purposes.

Anything not listed in either section is on a case-by-case basis.

I was going to wait until after all this stuff was done for this announcement. Eventually, I figured transparency ahead of time is better than learning at the very end.
So, consider this the beginning of the end of Paper Mario's DMZ era.

MAY 29th 2018 UPDATE: Finally learned of LooneyTunerIan's requests. Added them to this journal.
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Even if this doesn't work out completely, it at least might subconsciously convince Nintendo to keep a closer eye on Kensuke Tanabe and his posse.
Feel free to share and repost this if you feel like it.
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This is a journal version of a Status Update I've posted. The purpose of this journal is to draw in more deviants than Status Updates can. Therefore, if you've already read the SU version, you can just ignore this.

A friend of mine on Deviantart, WarioWules09, is conducting a poll on what factor people feel negatively affects the Super Mario franchise (Mario Kart, Mario Sports, Mario Party, Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi, etc.) the most these days.

He's also doing a poll on which character has the biggest problem with how they're used (not how often they're used).

Vote to help WarioWules09 with his research on these matters.
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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? 

    9 year, approaching 10.

  2. What does your username mean?

    A portmanteau of the original names of my two main characters. That is, prior to changing the name of the project they were in and the characters themselves. I kept the account name the same, to honor the past.

  3. Describe yourself in three words.

    Devoted, planner, gamer.

  4. Are you left or right handed?


  5. What was your first deviation?

    Derek and Minya by DerekminyA, eventually remade as Kenta and Sayuri by DerekminyA

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

    Character art, whether original or fan.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

    Black-and-white Sin City style art.

  8. What was your first favourite?

    Roger van der weide's Sonic Triple Trouble parody.

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

    Fanart, or really well-drawn art.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

    I honestly don't know. There are a lot of good ones, though. For those more associated with things outside of the site, there's Archie Comics' Matt Herms.

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

    I don't really have anyone in mind I haven't met yet who I would.

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

    Alongside TV and animated film animators, deviantart's Roger van der Weide indirectly inspired part of the impetus of my animation and humor style.

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

    Paper, pencil, scanner, PhotoShop, my hands, and my mind.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

    Outside the house. I like to be free, rather than feel I'm restricted.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

    Joining the IMP (International Moron Patrol) Club many years ago.

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In light of what happened to the Super Mario 64 stage 1 fan remake, (as Nintendo DMCA'd it- odd behavior considering their usual warm reception towards fans), I've been preparing myself a...backup plan for KaS.

I'm still working on the Nintendo version first and foremost. It's the story I've always wanted to tell, the story I've been working towards for years, and the story that needs to be told.

Nevertheless, it's better to be safe than sorry, especially if Nintendo isn't willing to use the below again...

JULY 6th, 2015 EDIT: As a friendly reminder to the legally nervous, I believe Nintendo have not only been lenient otherwise regarding fanworks, but also used several workarounds to get around the thing most likely forcing them to shut down fanworks they learn about- trademark's "defend or die" clause. Judging from the present day, these workarounds seem legit.
The fact Nintendo negotiated with the Squid Girl author (Masahiro Anbe) after learning of previously unknown activity (Anbe making Squid Girl X Splatoon crossover art), yet still appear to have their Splatoon trademarks should be considered. If this (annoying) trademark clause were truly that strict, the deal shouldn't have been possible at all- or ever.

Then there's the matter of this Kotaku interview:…

OCTOBER 14th, 2015 EDIT: The Pokemon Company on the other hand...they might be a problem. I'll just hope for the best.
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This journal will cover the Nintendo franchises I've currently revealed so far and what material has happened in the KaS (Kenta and Sayuri) Nintendo universe. Note this only covers things that happened prior to KaS.

Yoshi’s Island SNES
Donkey Kong Arcade
Super Mario Bros. 1
Super Mario Bros. 2
& Super Mario Advance
Donkey Kong Jr.
Super Mario Bros. 3
& Donkey Kong 3
Super Mario World
Super Mario Land
Super Mario Land 2
Super Mario 64
Paper Mario 64
Luigi's Mansion
Super Mario Sunshine
Paper Mario: TTYD
New Super Mario Bros. DS
Super Mario Galaxy 2

Animal Forest
Animal Crossing GCN
Animal Crossing: Wild World

Duck Hunt
Game & Watch series
Balloon Fight

Pokemon anime seasons 1-12
Pokemon movies 1-12

Kirby's Dream Land & Revenge of the King
Kirby's Adventure & Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
Revenge of Meta-Knight
Kirby's Dream Land 2
Kirby's Dream Land 3
Milky Way Wishes

Metroid & Metroid: Zero Mission
Metroid Prime Trilogy & Metroid Prime: Hunters
Metroid II: Return of Samus
Super Metroid
Metroid: Other M
(...kind of)
Metroid Fusion

F-Zero X
F-Zero GX
& F-Zero AX

NON-CANON (though some have references made)
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Nintendo doesn't own anything originating from the game- Square Enix does. And given Square Enix's cold reception towards fan projects...)
Hotel Mario (as Nintendo doesn't treat the CD-i games as canon, I will respect their public statement on this regard)
Paper Mario: Sticker Star (completely exiled from continuity)
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
(while I don't confirm or deny anything, there's a different way I would approach "literal Paper Mario" as a plot device)
Animal Crossing movie (due to the franchise being located on Nariyo Planet and the admitted non-existence of Ai)
Pokemon main series games (for obvious reasons)
Metroid Pinball (as it's just Metroid Prime in pinball form)
F-Zero GP Legend anime and game (as KaS is focusing on the games side of things, and some stuff in the anime contradicts the games)
Super Smash Bros. series (as KaS is more story-based. In fact, I'm partially doing this to make up for SSB4 not having even Adventure Mode.)
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1. You may notice some of the descriptions and titles for certain deviations and journals will be changed, as well as some deleted and one replaced with a similar work. This is just a temporary measure, and everything will be restored when certain details are taken care of.
2. KaS is officially on hiatus for the time being. I'll update when the hiatus ends.
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"Tellingly, Kersti [from Paper Mario Sticker Star] was so hated, in a Smash Bros. 3DS update, the developers went out of their way to remove her trophy, a fate no other trophy in Smash Bros has undergone post-release."

A dude can dream.
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For those who believe in "If I want a good story, I'll read a book..."

1. Video games are just as able to tell a good story as any other medium, given that video games are a medium in and in themselves.

2. Conversely, any medium, not just video games, is able to tell a bad story, so to dismiss one medium in its story-telling ability is...well, dismissive.

3. All mediums can and do get better at story-telling as the years pass, including video games.

That is all.
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Two Shinies in 2 weeks! What are the chances of that happening?!

Anyway, we gather here today to commemorate a Shiny Pokemon found on Route 20, its glisten giving it away among its brethren.

Ladies and Gentlemen... there's a Shiny Foongus among us.

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So I trade friend codes with someone and end up getting a Fire Safari. I become intrigued.

I then fly to the Friend Safari and choose Fire.

Guess what I encounter first? Just guess.





...a Braixen. A shiny Braixen. I caught it.

(Oh, and I also caught a Magmar, one of my other favorite Fire-type Pokémon).

That experience made my day.

I'll get pics of the Pokémon up to show that it happened, later.

I just finished playing through the main campaign of Pokémon Y version. Despite lacking in some areas (difficulty, story), it's great in other areas (the hugest regionalDex of any Pokémon game [450], replay value, the sheer size of Kalos). Had I not had one already, would I have bought a 3DS just for this game?

...Yes. Yes I would. It's that good.

But onto the main point of this journal- throughout the game, I kept check on my progress throughout, badge-for-badge. Mostly for bragging rights, admittingly, since I'm a humongous brag, but whatever.


-Extra notes about checkpoint length.


BADGE 1---3:24---32(18)

BADGE 2---12:45---104(63)

Super Training. That's all you need to know about regarding the huge gap. That and the number of areas between the first 2 badge.

BADGE 3---16:03---145(84)

BADGE 4---17:35---169(91)

BADGE 5---19:29---186(93)

BADGE 6---20:57---207(101)

BADGE 7---27:50---261(130)

More Super Training, I think.

EVIL TEAM---29:18---269(131)

BADGE 8---32:20---296(145)


For this part of the game, after I found Ditto (late into the story) and traded it for another (so it would breed faster), I bred every Pokémon whose earlier evolutions aren't found in the wild- some former common Pokémon among them. Also, I didn't want to beat the game too quickly, and this was the first time since Gold & Silver where Ditto could be caught and breed with others prior to the Champion battle.


I went across the region again, looking for Pokémon I missed. Also, there was more Super Training. Furthermore, I used Pokémon-Amie and played its minigames (which were surprisingly decent) to evolve Eevee into Sylveon (2 Amie Hearts/5 required, btw). On top of that, I used GTS and Wonder Trade for others.

COMPETITIVE TEAM PT 1.---53:16---362(232)

For this part, I Super Trained two of my competitive Pokémon, then hit the Battle Chateau for EXP. The money earned from defeating trainers there is enough to circumvent the high cost of Writs. Also, I went down the routes before Victory Road to pass the time.

ELITE FOUR & CHAMPION---55:18---377(234)

I decided to stop procrastinating and actually went to defeat the Elite Four and their Champion once and for all- and to make things more difficult for myself, I set the Champion battle to Set.


Oh, and here was my team when I beat the game.


Toadovsky the Frogadier (LV76)

Pidge the Pidgeot (LV75)

Kimba the Lilteo (LV76)

Orisaur the Venusaur (LV75)

Divabee the Vespiquen (LV75)

Littlefoot the Aurorus (LV76)


...yeah, I decided to do something different and not evolve some of my Pokemon, just to make things interesting.

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Comment and I'll...

1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page for 13 seconds.
2. Tell you what color you remind me of.
3. Tell you an Element I think you belong to. (Ex: water, earth, fire, air, etc.)
4. Tell you what random character you remind me of.
5. Ask you a question, you must answer.
6. Tell you something I like about you.
7. Tell you what the object to my left is.
8. Tell you what food/flavor/smell you remind me of.
9. Dare you to put this into your journal.

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College is finally over and out! Now comes the greatest challenge- the rest of my life.

While I figure out just what the heck I'm going to do, I'll be submitting a new drawing to Deviantart once a week (for more quality control, as well as practice). Here's the plan for the next 5 weeks:

April 28th-May 4th: Taika model sheet
May 5th- May 11th: Eric model sheet
May 12th-May 18th: Drake model sheet
May 19th- May 25th: Zack model sheet
May 26th-June 1st: Grand Piccolo model sheet

If things go well, I'll continue with the weekly plan. If something comes up, or my plans compromise the quality of the drawings, I'll address it in another journal.
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I'm afraid I've exhausted almost all of my non-spoiler deviations related to Kenta & Sayuri (there's only 3-4 left! OMG!). In addition, I need to get refocused on college, since I severely underestimated the difficulty in doing college homework. There's a highly probable chance I will not be submitting any more deviations until semester 1 is over. I may return earlier, but Christmas vacation (not the Chevy Chase movie! The concept!) will see at least one deviation submitted.


I'm not LEAVING Deviantart, keep in mind. I just have other stuff to do in life.
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Summer vacation is unfortunately over. School is on again.

Regarding my plans for the KaS drawings, they will be submitted far less often.

How less often? Oh, somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-14 days per one drawing.
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I regret to announce that the ROB picture will be my last picture for a bit. I will be taking the rest of this summer vacation to enjoy what I have left. When school starts again, I will type up another journal announcing how often from that new point I will be submitting pictures.

I thank those who have viewed, favorited and commented on my drawings for doing so. I hope everyone has a nice last 9-11 days of summer vacation! :D
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I updated my icon, after several years of not doing so. And it looks like an updated version of the original icon. So yeah.

I also wonder if I should submit a new piece of art every 3 or 4 days, or a different number would be applicable, given my incredibly lazy nature.
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After taking a look at Bomberman Blast for Wiiware and learning that a longer version would be made for the Wii, something blasted into my brain, like a cannon fired by George Bush, and it is  as follows...

Since Wiiware is able to do current-gen 3D graphics, and since Bomberman Blast has two versions on the same system, shouldn't the Wii be able to do demos of disc Wii games from Wiiware?

I mean, think about it. A company could use up it's "one Wiiware game a month" agreement to release a level or two of an upcoming disc Wii game on Wiiware.

For example, let's pretend that Ubisoft made a demo for Raving Rabbids TV Party on Wiiware. It might have three minigames on it with 4-player support, take up 360 blocks of memory (damn you, half-gig!), and record basic after stats, along with a disclaimer saying "Buy the full game with 65 minigames, coming November 21st!" after every minigame. The memory amount is troubling, but come spring, we will see improved storage, assuming that you can play games direct off the SD card...

(MARCH 25th, 2009: Yes, we CAN play directly off the SD card! *squeals like a girl*)

Anyway, another example; this time, it will be a Nintendo game; maybe a Punch-Out demo, where you do the first two fights, and after defeating both opponents, a sales dislaimer appears at the end as well, and it could be 300 blocks! After all, if NINTENDO were to do a demo on Wiiware, it might encourage others to do the same. (And maybe some quality control on NINTENDO'S part would help, given the laziness of a few Wii developers...)

One final example...what about the Conduit? Maybe it could go like this: you play through the first level and beat its boss, and surprise! The sales disclaimer is back! And maybe at 400 blocks, due to the complex special effects!

Of course, they should all be free demos (ie 0000 Wii Points) so we can decide whether to by the full game or not! And if the demos are not on Wiiware, maybe a demo section of the Wii Shop Channel could be made!