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Toadsworth (Super Mario Sunshine) by DerekminyA Toadsworth (Super Mario Sunshine) by DerekminyA
High definition sprites for a Paper Mario version of Toadsworth, a recurring Super Mario Bros. character. Princess Peach's most loyal steward, Toadsworth tends to panic whenever the Princess exits his field of vision. (Though with Bowser around, can you really blame him?) He's also a mean mahjong player.

While it's debated if Toadsworth was introduced under a different design earlier in the franchise, Toadsworth made his first appearance in the 2001 Gamecube platformer Super Mario Sunshine. There, he accompanied Peach, Mario, and five Toads with attitude to Isle Delfino. As Peach and the Toads wondered about strange orange goo on the plane tarmac, Toadsworth and Mario discussed a plan to investigate. After a kangaroo court verdict by the Piantas, Toadsworth was relegated to watching over, then panicking about Peach after "Shadow Mario", the real crook, took her to Pinna Park.

Since then, Toadsworth appeared in several Gamecube-era Mario games. From driving his parade car after every GP in Mario Kart Double Dash, to announcing tennis manuevers in Mario Power Tennis, and even hosting a party around the world in Mario Party 7. Toadsworth also appeared in the Mario and Luigi RPG series, appearing in almost every installment. (Except one, but we'll get to that...)

Toadsworth in Paper Mario is an interesting story. He appeared as he does above in the celebrated Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door on Gamecube (like so many of his appearances). In TTYD, Toadsworth only had a few major scenes in the beginning, before bumming it in the inn while Mario and friends search for Peach and the Crystal Stars. The interesting story is more there was a chancellor character in Paper Mario 64, who may be an early version of Toadsworth. And this chancellor, in turn, was based on a Minister from Super Mario RPG.

Bafflingly, after the big change with Paper Mario, Toadsworth vanished from the spin-off RPGs. It's odd, considering, you know, that little detail he's a main series character (the thing keeping the RPG original newcomers and veterans out). What makes this absence in an already restrictive situation even more arbitrary is that 1) as mentioned above, Mario & Luigi Dream Team eventually had him appear again, and 2) a generic Toad has Toadsworth's exact role in Color Splash, undermining an early moment in that game with this lack of real identity. This carried over into the purported crossover with Mario & Luigi as well, as for some odd reason, despite both having 3DS resolution friendly sprites for both incarnations of Toadsworth and having the raw Toad sprites to quickly recreate a modern Paper Toadsworth (like what you see above- kind of), neither one shows up in said crossover.

In the DMZ fangame topic timeline, this is mostly resolved. While the recut of the M&L crossover still didn't have Toadsworth, both Sticker Star Recut and Color Splash Recut, as well as fangame topic originals Wonder Journey and Relic Hunter, have him appear in some way. Speaking of Color Splash Recut, Toadsworth not only receives the role he should have gotten, but...let's just say he's contributes a little more to Mario and even Peach's quest.
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November 29, 2017
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