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Starmageddon mechsuit (Paper Mario DMZ timeline) by DerekminyA Starmageddon mechsuit (Paper Mario DMZ timeline) by DerekminyA
High resolution sprites for Starmageddon, a recurring Paper Mario fan character.


The lost king of Prism Island. Despite his name, Starmageddon was actually caring and generous at one point, traits that occasionally manifest in the present.

Unfortunately, due to an incident at Prisma Fountain over a thousand years ago, Starmageddon not only had to rescue his daughter from the black paint entity Splotchleek and seal the latter away in his lab, but Starmageddon and his kingdom were also caught up in a conflict called the Eclipse War because of it. During the battle, Starmageddon's partner, the Shadow Queen of Rogueport, double-crossed him at his weakest, casting him into another dimension.

Things didn't get better in the other dimension, the Round Dimension of Mercadia. What exactly instigated the hostility is unclear, but another battle ensued, restraining Starmageddon's body. With no choice, Starmageddon's soul escaped the body, swiping a powerful artifact in the process.

Feeling betrayed by someone he trusted and assaulted when he needed help, the nice, helpful Starmageddon vanished, replaced only with one thought- VENGEANCE. And so, Starmageddon proceeded to lay the seeds of his retaliation, figuratively and literally. Over the course of a millennia, Starmageddon slowly started weakening the land of Mercadia, all while keeping a journal measured in sunrises. In the process, Starmageddon built a body fashioned like one of his Prism Island subjects, slowly forgetting there were others in his kingdom to pick from.

Eventually, Starmageddon got lucky, as a portal appeared in the mountains leading back to his secret lab in Prism Island. However, Starmageddon couldn't really do much with this luck- his fake body was no match for the still-loyal-to-the-Shadow-Queen Beldam. He also wished to have a safeguard in case Splotchleek broke out or an entity similar to it ever appeared.

Therefore, Starmageddon started building several mechsuits to test and possibly use to rescue his real body. These required powerful crystals under Mercadia, though, adding centuries to Starmageddon's search. Meanwhile, he worked on several prototypes for a "guardian" against black paint. Eventually, 700 years ago, Starmageddon finished this guardian unit, Huey. Sneaking stealthily into the night, Starmageddon quietly placed the guardian under Prisma Fountain, while leaving instructions on how to retrieve the guardian. He then left for Mercadia again, only coming back to work on his mechsuits.

Near the end of his plan- "near" meaning "a twenty year timeframe"- Starmageddon re-emerged incognitio in Mercadia, befriending the current king. Of course, it was all a ruse to double-cross him. During this time, Starmageddon swiped the Mercadian princess, leaving the king devastated. Though Starmageddon did grow attached to the princess, he realized he had his own daughter to worry about finding. Therefore, after taking some hair to use for certain antidotes, Starmageddon gave the princess to two mean Shy Guys, not realizing this meanness until after the fact.

Starmageddon would eventually come to meet Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi and Bowser. The former trusted him a lot, but the latter was especially v(ellb)exing him. Keeping his wits about, Starmageddon tricked the Mushroom Kingdom gang into finding him powerful crystals (though he did genuinely give them rewards as thanks). When the time was right, Starmageddon finalized his mechsuit design- the one seen above- leaving a VR clone in the Prism Island lab, while he made his move in Mercadia after the king's defeat. This devastated Peach just as much as Starmageddon was- and oddly, Starmageddon took delight in this, demonstrating he became what he hated.

Due to waivers at the beginning of the Wonder Journey and Color Splash Recut topics, Starmageddon and his various forms are owned by Nintendo.

Starmageddon VR clone
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