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Sporepocalypse (Paper Mario DMZ timeline) by DerekminyA Sporepocalypse (Paper Mario DMZ timeline) by DerekminyA
High definition sprites for Sporepocalypse, a villain-ish flower creature from a set of Paper Mario fangame topics. Due to Sporepocalypse's mere presence in these topics being a surprise, SPOILERS BELOW!


Created by Starmageddon the Blight King to be his lonely daughter's friend, Sporepocalypse has control over time. He also has a lot of class and honesty in how he speaks. Sporepocalypse therefore thinks of himself very highly.

Following a sequence of circumstances on Prism Island's ancient past weakening him, Sporepocalypse took part in a conflict known as the Eclipse War. Unfortunately, Sporepocalypse was destroyed by a certain Fell Dragon from another dimension.

...or at least, all but two seeds. Starmageddon was double-crossed by the Shadow Queen and banished to a different alternate dimension known as Mercadia, where further conflicts cost him his body. Seeking revenge against everyone who wronged him or took advantage of his good nature, Starmageddon planted one of Sporepocalypse's two seeds in a secret part of Mercadia's Corona Gate Garden, along with a powerful artifact he stole from the first Mercadian king. Over the centuries, Sporepocalypse was not only reborn, he also started nuturing on Mercadia's many lands and people, stealing the life and "color" from the Round Dimension. Meanwhile, Starmageddon took on a necessary disguise and further starting mucking over the realm with his own betrayal. This plan would culminate in Mercadia's collapse.

However, Sporepocalypse liked feeding off Mercadia so much and became so strong, it lead to a conflict of interest between him and Starmageddon. Luckily for Starmageddon, a failed scouting mission from King Argulus' knights resulted in the now christened Rose Gate Garden section of Corona Gate being magically sealed with two other Artifacts.

During all this, Starmageddon found a way back to his laboratory under Prism Island. As his fake body was too weak to take on even Beldam, let alone the Shadow Queen, Starmageddon only let one of his most loyal servants know he was back. Near the end of the Mercadia plan, Starmageddon gave this servant the other Sporepocalypse seed, allowing the possibility of planting a second Sporepocalypse...

FUN FACT: Sporepocalypse was a last-minute addition to Color Splash Recut. Though the reworked Spore Flower mechanic would still have served as a subtle reference to him.

Due to a waiver at the beginning of the Wonder Journey fangame topic, Sporepocalypse is owned by Nintendo.
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November 25, 2017
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