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Splotchleek (Paper Mario Color Splash RECUT) by DerekminyA Splotchleek (Paper Mario Color Splash RECUT) by DerekminyA
High definition sprites of the Black Paint entity, an officially unused Paper Mario character. I personally called it Splotchleek, which is what the rest of this description will refer to it as.


Once upon a time, over a thousand years ago, there was a little girl with two friends- a huge mushroom and a giant flower. Both cherished the little girl, yet always tried to one-up each other.

One day, they went to Prism Island's Prisma Fountain. Once again, the mushroom and flower got into a spat, trying to prevent the little girl from getting dirty in the Prisma Fountain. This time, the flower broke off one of the mushroom's thorns. Meanwhile, the little girl used her SATANIC MAGIC POWERS to mix the paint in the fountain together. However, this led to the creation of black paint. As the paint was being mixed with the girl's magic, the mushroom's thorn got pulled in.

Unexpectedly, this granted the black paint "identity" and "individuality", creating an entity eventually known as Splotchleek. Rather than grab a broom and march around town with the young goats, however, Splotchleek just grabbed the girl and flew into outer space. Horrified at this turn of events, the mushroom (Shroomsday) and flower (Sporepocalypse) rounded up the King, Queen, and three dragons to give chase.

Splotchleek turned out to be no pushover, despite just being "born". As the battle waged on, Sporepocalypse resorted to over-exerting himself to freeze Splotchleek in time, giving the not-really-heroes a chance to free the girl- Princess Shadhema. Meanwhile, the King Starmageddon quickly cobbled together an inescapable prison from some gold he found on some nearby island to keep this entity contained in his secret lab. Before the king could undergo research to permanently destroy Splotchleek, however, everyone could "feel" it- intruders from other dimensions triggered by Sporepocalypse's manuever, and drawn to Shadhema. The king was said to have been banished during the battle...though an old tale tells of a starry stranger leaving something under Prisma Fountain to prevent an entity like Splotchleek from ever being created again.

The original Splotchleek stayed sealed in the Starlight Workshop. However, Bowser came to Prism Island due to a message from Motley Bossblob about Bowser Junior.

From this point on, Splotchleek's history splinters into two timelines...

NINTENDO: Ignoring a strange feeling in his head, Bowser found the Prisma Fountain. Getting the bright idea of coloring his shell like a rainbow, Bowser jumped right into the fountain. Unfortunately, due to Shroomsday's lingering presence from a previous possession, a second black paint entity was created, separate from Splotchleek. Christened Black Bowser, the new entity knocked the Grand/Big Paint Stars to parts unknown. While Mario and Huey were searching for the first Big Paint Star, Black Bowser traveled the world, destroying all traces of Shroomsday and Sporepocalypse, as well as those Eclipse Empire remnants and allies still on Prism Island and other threats (coughaacecoughedwincoughmusketeerscoughkhairaclescough). These battles led to Bowser Junior, Motley and Kammy being injured, forcing them to be sent home. Then, Black Bowser kidnapped Peach and put forward a plan to cover the world in black paint. The only mercy in all of this was that Black Bowser never found the Starlight Workshop, and by proxy the original Splotchleek.

DMZ: A strange feeling in Bowser's head called him to Redpepper Volcano, coaxing Kammy and Kamek into following him. However, this turned out to be a trap by Shroomsday, who still had control over Bowser. With this trap, Bowser missed the battle of Port Prisma, leading to Bowser Junior and Shroomsday knocking the Grand Paint Stars away instead. With General Guy in charge of overseeing the Ludship (of DOOM), this gave Ludwig more time to research the island's paint, and therefore learn about black paint.

Though Ludwig never created an entity himself, something far worse happened. After Shroomsday betrayed Bowser Junior for his own reasons, the Koopa Prince and Motley were flung to the Starlight Workshop, previously opened by Mario and his many friends. One insult too many, Motley tried taking Junior down with Peach and Toadsworth watching. In the middle of the fight, Motley punctured Splotchleek's golden prison, freeing it. Absorbing Motley, Junior and Peach, Splotchleek slowly made his way to the Koopalings' Castle in the sky.

Due to a waiver at the beginning of Color Splash Recut, all DMZ-exclusive details about Splotchleek are owned by Nintendo.
VG805SMASHBROS Featured By Owner May 16, 2018
So Splotchleak it is, cool name.
DerekminyA Featured By Owner May 16, 2018
Thank you. :D
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