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Shy Guys (Paper Mario) by DerekminyA Shy Guys (Paper Mario) by DerekminyA
High definition custom sprites for the Paper Mario version of Shy Guy, a recurring Super Mario Bros. enemy. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Anti are included.

IShy Guys first appeared in the Japanese release of Doki Doki Panic. They then proceeded to migrate not just into Super Mario Bros 2 USA, but the Mario franchise as a whole. Shy Guys especially gained prominence in the Yoshi series.

Another series Shy Guys have a "secondary meaning" in is Paper Mario. In Paper Mario 64, they and other subspecies made up the lion's share of Chapter 4's enemy roster, led by General Guy. Following that, they spent The Thousand Year Door and Super Paper Mario as audience members, though dataminers have found there were plans to at least consider them for the bestiaries in those games.

In the eighth gen games, Shy Guys returned to the bestiary. Since the 3DS game loosely remade Paper Mario 64, yet had no analogue to Shy Guy's Toybox, Shy Guys appeared throughout the different worlds instead. While there technically were new subspecies, it was very technical as rather than any new clothing, many of these Shy Guy subspecies were just holding objects. (With one exception.) This continued into the Wii U game, as while the Spiked Shy Guy was introduced to replace Spiked Goombas, the other new subspecies weren't really subspecies. The Wii U game also made Shy Guys more prominent in an attempt to breath within the many restrictions placed on Paper Mario. Unfortunately, the genericness somewhat undermined some Shy Guys like Slurp Guy and Paint Guy. To say nothing of a certain train passenger...

In the DMZ timeline, while Shy Guys themselves don't appear in Paper Mario Wonder Journey, the various N64 subspecies do. Meanwhile, the recuts retain Shy Guys (well, except for pink ones) and even further individualize a few in their designs (such as Slurp Guys and the aforementioned train passenger).

Speaking of neo-Slurp Guys...
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October 10, 2017
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