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Shadhema (Paper Mario Color Splash Recut) by DerekminyA Shadhema (Paper Mario Color Splash Recut) by DerekminyA
High definition sprites for Shadhema the Eclipse Princess, a character from the fangame topic recut of Paper Mario Color Splash.



The daughter of the Shadow Queen and Starmageddon, Shadhema was "created" when the need for an heir fell upon both rulers. Her parents being who they were, however (mostly the Shadow Queen) made the citizens of Prism Island's ancient past apprehensive befriending the young girl. Feeling sorry for Shadhema's loneliness, yet not wanting to force the issue on the citizens, Starmageddon gathered material from far away to create Sporepocalypse (aka Petally) to act as a friend. Not wanting to be outdone, the Shadow Queen followed suit, using much more material in creating Shroomsday (aka Cursedy). Despite this rivalry, Shadhema loved the four, as well as her teachers Aace and Merluvlee all the same.

One day in Port Prisma, Shadhema arrived with Shroomsday and Sporepocalypse to have fun. While Shadhema only intended to mix the fountain's paint together to cause a ruckus, Sporepocalypse breaking off Shroomsday's horn and said horn flying into the black paint gave birth to Splotchleek, the Black Paint Entity. Unlike her parents, Shadhema had no leash for Splotchleek- instead, the entity kidnapped her and fled to space.

Though her parents and pets saved her and sealed Splotchleek away, the immense energy used to rescue her alerted others across the multiverse of Shadhema's power. Not wanting their daughter to be captured for their own reasons (Starmageddon love, Shadow Queen for a useful asset), they engaged the invaders in the ancient Eclipse War. Unfortunately, Sporepocalypse was annihilated by a certain Fell Dragon, while Starmageddon was betrayed and banished to another dimension by the Shadow Queen.

Without her father to keep on the right path, Shadhema was more easily swayed by the Shadow Queen and her minions, intentionally causing destruction and chaos on Prism Island. Her teachers did try to keep her morally righteous, but it was no use. Even after an incident leading to the Shadow Queen being locked away by four heroes, Shadhema was still corrupt and trying to continue where her mom failed. Seeing her as a major threat when she refused to let Merluvlee leave to deal with Shroomsday's invasion of their neighboring island, the citizens of Prism Island and Draggadon battled against and sealed the incredibly powerful Eclipse Princess. Only Aace sat it out as he could never actively fight against her, nor did he wish to fight for her anymore.

Even this wasn't enough, as Shadhema's soul escaped her prison- further proving she was fit as an heir to the Eclipse Empire legacy. Having just defeated Shroomsday, Merluvlee not only carried Shadhema within her own new identity- she also changed Shadhema's form and name to a simpler, yet more hot-headed one- Kersti the Sticker Fairy. Though some vague memories still hung on, Merluvlee enacted a plan so Shadhema/Kersti would be happy, surrounded by friends, and distracted from the truth.

Due to a waiver at the beginning of the Color Splash Recut topic, Shadhema (and how she relates to Kersti) is owned by Nintendo.
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