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Rawk Hawk (Paper Mario TTYD) by DerekminyA Rawk Hawk (Paper Mario TTYD) by DerekminyA
High resolution sprites for Rawk Hawk, a radical wrestling bird man from Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. Mario fought him in Rogueport's Glitz Pit. The bird played dirty, but he ended up getting flipped into a KO. However, he was not Glitzville's biggest threat. Rawk Hawk would go on to be namedropped in Super Paper Mario, as well as be very loosely alluded to in the original version of the 3DS game.

In the DMZ timeline, Rawk Hawk appears quite a bit. He returns as a bonus boss in one of the 3DS recuts, also serving this role in fangame topic original Relic Hunter. In addition, while Rawk Hawk himself did not show up in the Wii U recut, a new species, the Memphawks, is backwards derived from him. He's also vaguely mentioned a few times.

Finally (or previously), Rawk Hawk was meant to have the role that a TTYD character got in fangame topic Paper Mario Wonder Journey. This ended up not happening, since this would have raised too many questions in contrast to who eventually got that role.

...If it's not apparent, Rawk Hawk is my favorite Paper Mario character.

Due to the complexity of Rawk Hawk's poses and number of pieces (58!), it took a while to recreate him. I wanted to get him just right.
Orange-Zeppelin Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Dude, Rawk Hawk was probably my favorite boss in TTYD. That whole Glitzville level was my favorite too. 
DerekminyA Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017
Glad to see another Glitzville and Rawk Hawk fan!
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