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Pirra T original (Paper Mario Color Splash Recut) by DerekminyA Pirra T original (Paper Mario Color Splash Recut) by DerekminyA
High definition sprites for Pirra T, a legendary captain Toad (more on that later) from the Paper Mario Color Splash game and Color Splash Recut fangame topic.

Though it's not known why exactly he's legendary, Pirra T assumedly embarked on several voyages. His most recent one, however, left him stranded on Fortune Island, a sub-area of the larger Prism Island territory. While waiting for rescue from anyone, Pirra T utilized an old grill in Fortune Island's alternate dimension to cook his meals. Eventually, Mario and several others found Pirra T. Unfortunately, they offended the legendary captain, leading to the Toad sticking to Mario for a little bit. Thankfully, the captain who brought Mario to Prism Island and said captain's devotion to Pirra T's teachings got the Toad off Mario's back.

Like all but 5 of the Toads in Color Splash, Pirra T didn't actually have a name name- he was only ever referred to as "the legendary captain" in the original game. I gave him that name in the Recut to help quicker identify him. Conversely, as it was evident some thought went into this guy's looks, Pirra T's design was left untouched for the Recut.

That said, I won't be using this design going forward. I just made this Pirra T for those eighth gen Paper Mario fans who wanted him in higher res and disassembled.
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