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Petey Piranha page 1 (Paper Mario) by DerekminyA Petey Piranha page 1 (Paper Mario) by DerekminyA
High definition sprites for an alternate Paper Mario version of Petey Piranha, a character from Super Mario Sunshine. This is a remastered version of an earlier personal sprite set. Compared to Mario, though, this Petey is slightly smaller than the original one (7/8ths the size). This was just to make him memory-friendly.

Petey Piranha has appeared in several Mario games beyond Super Mario Sunshine. From Mario Kart Double Dash (where he had access to almost every character exclusive item) to Mario Power Tennis and the Switch entry Mario Tennis Aces, to even Mario & Luigi Partners in Time shedding some light on his past. On top of a few miniboss appearances in the ND Cube Mario Party games, Petey got retconned into Mario Party 1's minigame in The Top 100. Most intriguingly of all, Petey was one of four-five Nintendo bosses in Super Smash Bros Brawl's Subspace Emissary.

In the Paper Mario series, Petey was not only one of the few named main series characters to actually show up in Sticker Star- he was one of the few Gamecube characters to appear period. (Though his appearance may have been incurred by his aforementioned NSMB DS role, rather than Sunshine...something Gooper Blooper can't claim). In fact, Petey has appeared in all three Paper Mario releases in the eighth generation- Sticker Star, Color Splash, and the Paper Jam crossover with Mario & Luigi. Who knows if he'll also show up in Paper Mario Switch, restrictions or not...?

In the DMZ fangame topic timeline, Petey only keeps his exact boss role in Sticker Star Recut. In Paper Jam Recut, while flesh Petey retains his first boss role, Paper Petey is booted out for the Koopa Bros. (I probably could have just teamed Paper Petey up with normal Petey...oops.) Color Splash Recut is an oddball, as Petey still shows up as a boss! ...Just much later than he did in the actual game, and under wildly different circumstances. The lower res version of this Petey was going to be used, but I saw little wrong with the official Color Splash Petey. So instead, I went to Spriter's Resource to use CS Petey, while promising to remake this Petey later. And here we are.
Gensokyo-man Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
great job fella
DerekminyA Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018
Thanks, pal.
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