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Morton CS version (Paper Mario) by DerekminyA Morton CS version (Paper Mario) by DerekminyA
Sprites and disassembly for the Paper Mario Color Splash version of Morton Koopa Jr, one of Bowser's seven Koopaling generals in the Super Mario Bros. series. This was a request by LooneyTunerIan.

In Color Splash, Morton serves as the first boss, as he battles Mario for the Red Paint Star. To do this, he uses a hammer with quadruple the power of the bonus bosses from the original trilogy. Morton is put it politely as possible- simple minded in Color Splash.

In the fangame topic recut of Color Splash, Morton is different. He realizes when things don't look promising like his Paper Jam counterpart, he's fought midway through his level rather than the end (as new villains serve as Crimson Tower's boss), his hammer's been heavily nerfed, and he appears even after Crimson Tower. One of his ideas and actions even leads to a semi-newer villain making panicked decisions they wouldn't have made if not for Morton.

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ericgl1996 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017
I like it how you made Morton's personality how he act in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam in your Color Splash Recut:)
DerekminyA Featured By Owner Edited Jul 23, 2017
Thanks, ericgl1996. :)
Everything about Morton in the E3 2016 demo (and by extension, the original Color Splash) just rubbed me the wrong way, as it demonstrated how shallow the newer Paper Mario creative team is. By contrast, Morton in Paper Jam was much more observant to situations than expected. It's what Paper Mario originally strove for with it's characterization- being more than one can expect of someone on the surface.
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