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Mario and Luigi Paper Jam Recut altered pic 3 by DerekminyA Mario and Luigi Paper Jam Recut altered pic 3 by DerekminyA
Strange- we haven't seen any Pokeys in Doop Doop Dunes. Say Smorg, buddy, do you know where OH MY GRA-!

Check out the fangame topic Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Recut on GameFAQs and Mario RPG Universe for the full story!

Due to a waiver at the beginning of the topic, Nintendo owns this image and the altered ideas it conveys.
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Mathim-Draw Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So cool and how do you make that ?
DerekminyA Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017
In Adobe Photoshop, very slowly.

1. I find a video of what I'm looking for- in this case, the original bosses descending from the sky.
2. I use my computer's "capture" key to capture what it sees at the right moment (since pausing shows the Youtube timeline).
3. I open up Photoshop and create a new file. If an image has been copied or already captured, the file setup will already have the correct image size and resolution parameters ready.
4. I paste what I've captured into the new file. If it doesn't look right, I keep replaying and timing my capture key press at the right time until I get the right image- preferably one without the bosses if possible (though as this was part of one of the first picture topics, I didn't have a system fully realized yet).
5. After capturing all images (if I'm doing more than one at a time in a single PSD file), I use the crop tool to resize the canvas only around the image area while quick-deleting unnecessary clutter.

1. I either recreate the sprites I need or quickly find the original sprites at another website- like, say, Spriter's Resource.
1B. In this case, I search for Red and Black mini-Smorgs. If the sprite isn't a PNG, I quickly Wand and Lasso out the background color, leaving only the sprite. I then resize as necessary.
2. Due to the Smorg's special nature, I keep an original layer for Black and Red. Remembering the nature of Smorg, I copypasta several Blacks as appendages and some Reds as the core. After placing and reorganizing their layers properly, I then combine their layers together (while keeping the original Smorgs in a master layer in case something goes wrong).
3. After finding or taing necessary steps with Paper characters, I create a layer behind them. I then quick select the whole occupied layer from the Layer panel. Following this, I right click and select Stroke while using the Marquee tool. After this, I select white as my color and pick Centre as my location. If the outline is too thin or thick, I Undo, change the Stroke Width in the Stroke window, and keep trying until it looks right.

1. I shade the Paper Smorg horde, with the ground's color (darkened) serving as the dark and the sky's color (brightened) as the light. Since subtle color changes are required to acclimate the Paper Smorg to the environment, I set my brush for this section to 10 opacity, 10 flow, 10 hardness. I paint in the dark and light in clipping mask layers above the Paper Smorg layer, containing both within the PS layer.
2. I add shadows underneath the Paper Smorg, to give it more believability.
3. The toughest and slowest part. On a layer or more between all the characters and the source image, I verrrrrrry slowly color over unwanted elements in the picture, such as the Pokey bosses. This also entails recreating lost architecture from the original image to make the Pokey bosses' loss less suspicious, such as the wall of the right cliff.

1. To completely acclimate the Paper Smorg sprite and its shadow into the image, I use the Gaussian Blur filter at a radius of 0.3 pixels. This makes the Paper Smorg look just as blurry as the source image, making them indistinguishable. In case he's not blurry enough, I repeat the Blurring process (using Ctrl + F for the Use Last Filter shortcut) until it looks right- usually, it only takes one extra blast for 0.6. Alternatively, if it's too blurry OR 0.3 intervals skip over the right amount, I tone it down.
2. I Save the finished project As a new image.
3. I upload the image where appropriate or entertaining.
Mathim-Draw Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow , you make a very good job on photoshop , the image looks 3D with the shadow and the light on the
smorg and he look like to be in the
real game ! good job !
DerekminyA Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017
Thank you!
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March 1, 2017
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