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Mario Story Fruit Shake battle example 2- tropic by DerekminyA Mario Story Fruit Shake battle example 2- tropic by DerekminyA
+Waterfall transparent.
+Waterfall more foamy.
+Added waterfall mist and splashes.
+More selective Gaussian Blurs on characters and backgrounds.

An example pic of Mario battling alongside Adam the Frutta apple and Forte the Noki against a Gooble and Gooble Squad. This is for an upcoming Paper Mario fangame topic of the same name. The audience hasn't been added yet, though- this is just preliminary.

This is more to explain how battling in such a game would work on Deviantart. So...

GAMEPLAY- Battling
+When Mario touches an enemy, a turn-based battle commences.
+If Mario attacks first, he gets a First Strike.
+If an enemy is able to hit Mario, meanwhile, they get a Sneak Attack.
+There are only a scant few points (2 or 3) in the game where enemy attacks remove Mario's HP on the overworld without starting a battle.
+Mario’s side and the enemy’s side take turns making their moves.
+Mario’s side gets to make 3 moves max.
+With Jump attacks and some other abilities, Mario can friends can pick their target, even if the enemy isn’t in the front. With Hammer attacks and more forceful moves, meanwhile, Mario and friends must attack the frontmost enemy.
+On both sides of the field, a character can take a turn or more from allies on their side. However, every consecutive time a character does this, their skills receive a reduction in potency.
++1 EXTRA MOVE: x0.7
++2 EXTRA MOVES: x0.3
+Near the start of the game, Mario gets a Fruit Tempo meter. By attacking enemies enough times, he and his friends can fill the bar.
+When this happens, the audience gives Mario and his friends some status buffs. The buffs depend on the species present. Most of the time, the species depends on where Mario is in the Frutta Archipelago.
+Upon winning a battle, Mario obtains all the Fruit the enemies possess. In addition to being able to use Fruit for healing or exchanging for Fruit Caps, Mario gets permanent Battle EXP equal to the Fruit he got.
+Upon reaching certain thresholds of Battle EXP, Mario’s Battle Level increases, as well as his max HP and Audience. He can also pick 1 of 3 characters as a Reserved Audience member.
+After Battle EXP is calculated, if Mario filled the Fruit Tempo meter during battle, he obtains some extra Fruit from audience members.

GAMEPLAY- Blocking/Guarding
+As per usual, Mario can Block just before an enemy attacks.
+Mario starts off with the ability to block 1 point of damage.
+Every time Mario increases his Battle Level or Quest Level, he can block 1 more point of damage.
+When Mario maxes out his Battle Level or Quest Level, he gains 1 extra point in blocking damage. Both types of Levels start out at 1, and maximize at 37.

GAMEPLAY- Enemy Squads
+Inspired by part of the Chapter 4 boss battle from Paper Mario 64, some of the weaker enemies may join together into a bigger Squad. The “tell” to when this happens is if the enemy is steaming red on the overworld, including the eyes.
+Squad Battles do not occur if Mario or the enemy get a First Strike.
+The stats of a Squad are higher than just fighting the same number of those enemies outside a Squad individually. For a more precise calculation…
Let N equal the number of enemies in a Squad.
HP= HP(3N)
Coins= Coins(2N)
Apples= Apples(2N)
Oranges= Oranges(2N)
Bananas= Bananas(2N)
Melons= Melons(2N)
Blueberries= Blueberries(2N)
Grapes= Grapes(2N)
+For example, if Mario fought a Red Gooble Squad of 4 members...
HP= 1(3x4)= 12
ATK= 2(4)= 8
DEF= 0 + 4= 4
Coins= 1(2x4)= 8
Apples[1]= 1(2x4)= 8 Apples
Oranges= 0
Bananas= 0
Melons= 0
Blueberries= 0
Grapes= 0
+Mario usually only fights a single Squad in these battles. However, late game battles might include 2 Squads.
WarioWules09 Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Two partners in this battle, hmm? I'm sure this will shake up the gameplay a bit and to make up for the Enemy Squad.
DerekminyA Featured By Owner May 2, 2017
Yep. As a rule regarding those weak enemies, the max HP of the base species can only be 5. Any higher, and there's no worries of them forming a Squad.
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