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Madame Flurrie (Paper Mario TTYD) by DerekminyA Madame Flurrie (Paper Mario TTYD) by DerekminyA
High definition sprites for Madame Flurrie, a partner from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

A famous actress, Madame Flurrie eventually chose Boggly Woods to be a place of peace and quiet for her. While living there, Flurrie made friends with the local Punis.
Eventually, Mario, a Puni named Punio and two of his friends came to Flurrie's neck of the woods to request she help deal with a strange metal door blocking the way into the Boggly Tree, Punio's home. Unfortunately, the Shadow Sirens took her necklace by mistake, forcing Mario and friends to retrieve it. Sure enough, they did, and Flurrie joined the team. With her winded-up theatrics and noticeable presence, Flurrie helped Mario take back Punio's home, joining the former on his quest.

Flurrie's only other appearance in an officially released Paper Mario game was a cameo or two in Super Paper Mario.
In the DMZ fangame timeline, Flurrie returns in Paper Mario Wonder Journey (the only individual Paper Mario character to do so... at least in the main story). Here, one possible origin story for Flurrie is given, tying into what she was doing in Rogueport to begin with.

As part of the Wonder Journey topic, Flurrie has another look, also recreated in HD. This covers some major reveals about Flurrie's past in the DMZ timeline, so SPOILERS FOR WONDER JOURNEY BELOW.
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