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Lemmy CS version (Paper Mario) by DerekminyA Lemmy CS version (Paper Mario) by DerekminyA
Sprites and disassembly for the Paper Mario Color Splash version of Lemmy Koopa, one of Bowser's seven Koopaling generals in the Super Mario Bros. series. This was a request by LooneyTunerIan.

In Paper Mario Color Splash, Lemmy runs a circus hidden in the Green Zone. There, he amazes the crowd with his magic, though he cheats a bit with one item. After he vanishes, Mario must not only defeat his employees- he must also learn the specific order of a whopping 3 Things to use on the showboat. Eventually, Mario succeeds in shutting down Lemmy's circus act.

In the fangame topic recut, however, the enemies of the Koopalings (the Musketeers) run the Emerald Circus instead. This leads to Lemmy fooling around, practicing his magic act as he's supposed to search for the circus. Lemmy gets so caught up in his practice, it spares him from shocking events in Port Prisma that "disable" almost all of his siblings save Morton. Upon learning of these events from Mario and his friends at the secret exit in Sacred Forest, Lemmy seems to leave- only to try to get one on Mario instead. After Mario defeats the less-picky Koopaling, Lemmy leaves to search for Morton, so the two can think of a way to take revenge on the one who disabled the remaining Koopalings.

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July 26, 2017
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