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Huey (Paper Mario Color Splash RECUT) by DerekminyA Huey (Paper Mario Color Splash RECUT) by DerekminyA
High definition sprites for Huey, a character from Paper Mario Color Splash and the fangame topic recut. Huey is also the only friendly character in the original Color Splash who was neither a Toad nor a part of Bowser's army.

In the original official version of the game, Huey's origins are mostly unknown. All Mario and the player learn about the bucket is 1) he's a "guardian" and 2) he was built in a factory. Eventually, Mario and Peach wake Huey up in the middle of an abandoned Port Prisma. After learning the ropes of combat, Huey tags along with Mario as his one and only partner for the whole adventure.

During this adventure, Huey is...a little tough and inconsistent to read. While he's jokey (though so are most of the other characters...) and friendly most of the time, there are other times where he suddenly flares up or gets annoyed. He's also a bit of a cheapskate, such as with dembargars- umBAERgars- rimberhers- darhbagaer (HAM-burger!). Strangely, even though he was just awakened and just meets Mario and co, as well as not recognizing the contents of Green Energy Plant, Huey still comments Mario has fought Bowser for 30 years. This wouldn't be unusual if not for the aforementioned lack of history on Huey which would have cleared this up. The point is that to me, the original Huey's characterization doesn't make sense.

The fangame recut of Color Splash takes care of rounding Huey out, thankfully. Though Huey still gets mad sometimes, some of Huey's incompatible vices and comments are given to other partners, such as Edwin for the money thing and Louis for Mario nostalgia. Huey's also given much more backstory explaining when and why he was created, a backstory Huey has to struggle with at one point...

Due to a waiver at the beginning of Color Splash Recut, all DMZ-exclusive details about Huey are owned by Nintendo.
GMQUilmataalpha Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Look, i get what your trying to do here but it still seems somewhat wrong
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December 6, 2017
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