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Goomboss (Paper Mario 64) by DerekminyA Goomboss (Paper Mario 64) by DerekminyA
High definition sprites for Goomboss AKA King Goomba, the first major boss in the entire Paper Mario series. This is a recreation of an older spritesheet.

Lording over the fortress on Goomba Road, Goomboss asked Bowser for some of the Star Rod's power. His request accepted, Goomboss sent the bumbling Goomba Bros to guard his fortress. They failed, forcing Goomboss to participate in combat. In Goomboss' battle, Goomboss used low sweeps to trip up Mario, as well as shake the ground to loosen some Goomnuts in order to harm the plumber and the maverick Goomba Goombario. Mario and Goombario could either fight Goomboss and his flunkies normally or turn the tables on the trio with a little Goomnut Shake of their own.

Not taking defeat gracefully, Goomboss and the Goomba Bros simply locked the door to their fortress in their retreat. This foolproof plan, however, was undermined by accidentally leaving an important switch outside and the Goomba Bros. being loud whisperers. By the time the Goombas figured something, Mario has already pressed the switch. This transformed the stone fortress into a stone bridge, and sent the Goombas flying.

Interestingly, Goomboss is one of the few Paper Mario characters to return in the platformers, in the form of Super Mario 64 DS (which is where his name was changed from Goomba King to Goomboss). Because this was a remake, it's possible his Paper Mario appearance was chronologically his second one. Goomboss also returned in Mario Kart DS, meaning he's had more appearances outside of Paper Mario than other veterans.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door mentioned Luigi fighting a monstrous Chestnut King to rescue the Princess Eclair. Why am I bringing this seemingly unrelated information up? Because Goomboss and Chestnut King's Japanese names are both Kuri Kingu. Hmm...

Obviously, Goomboss never officially appeared after Paper Mario's big change in the eighth generation (though one boss was obviously cribbing his style).
Meanwhile, in the DMZ fangame topic timeline, a different Goomboss serves as a bonus boss in the recut of Sticker Star. Goomboss' image was also used instead of the above-mentioned cribber for an artificial construct boss in the Recut of the Mario and Luigi crossover. Finally, Goomboss was planned to similarly have a bonus boss appearance in the recut of Color Splash. For various reasons, this ended up not happening. Who knows when Goomboss will return again...?
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ColorfulDJ Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2017
Another Paper Mario character that appeared in a 3D, that was The Star Spirits. They appeared in Mario Party 5. Can make sprites of them in the style they are from that game!
DerekminyA Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2017
If I have time. There's one other Paper Mario 64 character I have to do first, though.
ColorfulDJ Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2017
Ok and I like how you improve General Guy's design!
ColorfulDJ Featured By Owner Edited Nov 15, 2017
Can you make bosses from Super Mario 64 DS!
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November 13, 2017
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