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Fuzzies (Mario Story Fruit Shake) by DerekminyA Fuzzies (Mario Story Fruit Shake) by DerekminyA
Urrzi was a giant bear
He "superheroed" everywhere
When he went to fight a Buzzy
He instead found himself a Fuzzy.

The Fuzzy stole a little HP
Urzzi healed it, like you or me
One turn later, he went to attack
The creature who was colored black.

Without warning, and all of a sudden
Fuzzies of different colors arrived like it was nuddin'
Together, they formed different Squads
(But no matter the number, they were cowardly clods).

Orange's buddies leeched more life
While Purple cribbed some Fruit.
After Green helped himself to some Tempo
The Fuzzies made off with their loot.

Urzzi gave chase, but soon they escaped
Like a legally disputable giant ape
Eventually, Urzzi shrugged it off his muzzy
Leading him to wonder "Is Urzzi Fuzzy?"

...Only for a Jibberjay to tell him no, he wasn't.

Black Fuzzies first appeared in the SNES pack-in game Super Mario World. Starting with New Super Mario Bros. U, they finally became platformer mainstays. Regarding their Paper Mario history, meanwhile, Fuzzies have had a perfect attendance award in every game including the Mario and Luigi crossover (though only the original trilogy had more colors beyond black). In the DMZ timeline, meanwhile, though Fuzzies missed out on Wonder Journey, they did appear in Relic Hunter, as well as all eighth gen recuts. This model sheet is in context to their appearance in an upcoming fangame topic.
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June 5, 2017
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