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Forte (Mario Story Fruit Shake) by DerekminyA Forte (Mario Story Fruit Shake) by DerekminyA
As far back as her childhood, Forte has aspired to be a great conch player, like the rest of her family. Aspiration, however, means nothing in light of Forte’s lack of inspiration and heart in her music…as well as her fingers. Witnessing Mario and Adam’s heroics in the Yoshi Village proceeds to give her an idea to travel with the famous plumber, to gather ideas on a hero of the world.

FIELD ABILITY- Conch Blow (plays music, with each of the face buttons corresponding to different notes. In addition to certain combinations being used near Music Relics, Forte may also have some secret "anytime" songs to play...)

BATTLE ABILITIES (first two ranks only)
Horn Launch/Horn Aim

-START/Reach Super Rank
-Three enemies
-1>1>1 ATK/2>2>2 ATK
Press the A Button when each musical note is at their biggest.

Musical Horn/Theatrical Horn

-START/Reach Super Rank
-All enemies.
Can scare enemies for 1 turn, halving their DEF./Can scare enemies for 2 turns, halving their DEF.
-Hold the A Button. When Forte’s horn is about to burst, let go.

Rhythm Buff

-Reach Super Rank
-Mario and allies
Increases Mario and his allies’ ATK by 1 for every 4  consecutive notes Forte plays correctly.
-Press the correct button when the crosshair passes over it. Possible Buttons used are A, B, X and Y. 8 notes are played.

Forte will serve a role as one of Mario's partners in an upcoming Paper Mario fangame topic of the same name.
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April 23, 2017
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