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Bowser (Mario Story Fruit Shake) by DerekminyA Bowser (Mario Story Fruit Shake) by DerekminyA
The King of Awesome, Mario's greatest rival (if not enemy), a big Koopa, Bowser... only appears very briefly prior to Mario's next fruity epic. As Mario and his brother, the green guy, escape with the Princess again, Bowser gives Boom Boom and Pom Pom the command to give chase. He and Kammy try to follow, but fate has other plans...

With around a dozen, give or take, exceptions, Bowser has been in hundreds of Super Mario games, starting with Super Mario Bros. for the NES. He even appeared in the Walt Disney film Wreck-it Ralph without Mario. Regarding his Paper Mario history, Bowser has appeared in all installments of the official games and DMZ timeline in some way. Going into detail on his pre-Fruit Shake DMZ history, he retains his 3DS villain status to a degree, he's "playable" in fangame topic Wonder Journey, and he also has a limited appearance in Relic Hunter. All that said, ever since the beginning of the 3DS game in both DMZ pure and Mixed timelines, yet even before heading to a certain Wii U island...Bowser hadn't been living alone in his own head...That said, a little birdy helped him with his unwanted guest in the Wii U recut, in exchange for his new form not being present or existing for the Recut's main story.

Unlike the other members of the main four (Mario, Luigi and Peach), I added a few extra details from the current games to help update Bowser a little more. Despite this, I also kept a few differences from the original Paper trilogy, such as no red rings around Bowser's spikes. All this is for an upcoming fangame topic.
WarioWules09 Featured By Owner May 31, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm, I did not expect you to update him among the main four. But considering Bowser's non-Paper details updated, the official Bowser in Paper Mario do feel old yet classic.
DerekminyA Featured By Owner May 31, 2017
Yep. Bowser's got one of the most interesting looks in the Paper Mario series, something that's stuck through every game. I think it's the face.

I wanted to update the others as well, but the opportunity passed. I may do updated designs for the other three later, though.
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