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Bowser Jr (Paper Mario) by DerekminyA Bowser Jr (Paper Mario) by DerekminyA
High definition sprites for a Paper Mario version of Bowser Jr., a character from the Super Mario Bros. franchise.

Bowser Jr. made his first appearance in the Gamecube game Super Mario Sunshine. All I'll say is Bowser's been telling his son some interesting things. That said, Junior's much sharper than the old man gives him credit for.

Bowser Jr. would continue to appear in many spin-offs, from Mario Tennis to Mario Kart Double Dash. Bowser Junior would also replace the Koopa Kids in Mario Party DS.

In Paper Mario, Bowser Jr appeared in Sticker Star, being one of the few main series characters to actually show up. Looking for rare stickers and possessing unknown sticker magic, Jr stands in Mario and Kersti's way a handful of times. Both normal and Paper Junior also got their very own plot in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, hanging out with each other due to a lack of friends in either world. However, the bros cut their friendship short, and Paper Junior was sent back to his world where...he didn't join the Koopalings in taking over the paint-themed Prism Island. Odd.

That's, of course, going by the official releases. In the DMZ fangame topic timeline, Junior gets even more appearances to flesh him out. Junior appears much more often in Sticker Star Recut, gets a cameo in fangame topic original Wonder Journey (where he ironically doesn't speak), and actually appears in Color Splash Recut. In the last, not only was Junior heading the invasion in place of his father, not only did he ban use of black paint after Ludwig discovered and tested it, and not only did Mottley accompany him on Bowser's orders- Mario comes to discover that Junior has someone (or something) giving the Koopa Prince a dangerous advantage...Meanwhile, his Paper Jam role is left undisturbed for the Recut (though Color Splash Recut re-contextualizes some things about it).
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