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Admiral Bobbery (Mario Story Fruit Shake) by DerekminyA Admiral Bobbery (Mario Story Fruit Shake) by DerekminyA
A dignified Bob-omb whose life is sailing, Admiral Bobbery met Mario years ago in Rogueport. The plumber and his pals were searching for someone to serve as captain for a voyage to Keelhaul Key, overseen by the pompous Flavio- but the Admiral refused. Eventually, discovering the truth about a loss he suffered and something to motivate him, Bobbery was convinced to give sailing another shot.

Later, after an already haunting arrival to the island, Admiral Bobbery held several Phantoms back while Flavio, Mario and the crew escaped. With the help of a drink especially popular in another dimension, Admiral Bobbery was rescued, serving as Mario's partner for the rest of the Rogueport journey.

Now, Admiral Bobbery has been coaxed by Flavio again on another voyage- this time to the Frutta Archipelago. With Bobbery's power and wisdom once again at his side, will Mario stand a better chance against Re Fenice and his Genes Nuvola air fleet?

FIELD ABILITY- Bob-omb Blast (blows up, destroying nearby weak objects or objects with sensitive points. Mario can throw Bobbery in an arc beforehand.)

BATTLE ABILITIES (first two ranks only)
Body Slam/Body Crash

-START/Reach Super Rank
-One enemy
-5 ATK/10 ATK
Hold the A Button. When a huge star shines around Bobbery, let go.

Bomb/Super Bomb

-START/Reach Super Rank
-One enemy
5 ATK (fire)/10 ATK (fire)
Mash the A Button repeatedly.

Ground Bomb

-Reach Super Rank
-All ground enemies
-7 ATK (fire)
-Mash the A Button repeatedly.

Since Fruit Shake is going to take a while, and since it was incredibly obvious I was building up Bobbery's return, I decided to let the Super Bell out of the Mystery Bag early.

Speaking of Fruit Shake, a slight announcement. Like the Recut of the Wii U game, Fruit Shake will be divided into two "Acts"/topics- possibly three. This is so at least part of the story is released at some point. Act 1 will be released by Summer (July/August) 2018. The reason for the long wait is due to other priorities that I should have been attending to, yet kept dwaddling/procrastinating on.

ColorfulDJ Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018
When I saw a shadow of this guy, I know Admiral Bobbery was coming back.
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