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Adam (Mario Story Fruit Shake) by DerekminyA Adam (Mario Story Fruit Shake) by DerekminyA
A young apple in the old city, Adam is curious about a lot of stuff- his home, its history, the danger of the wildlife, things like that. Unfortunately, while he knows some battle skills, he’s not exactly a heavy lifter. So it’s a lucky break when Mario and friends literally crash into his hometown, as well as the surrounding events, giving Adam the chance he needs to travel the Archipelago.

FIELD ABILITY- Tattle (tells Mario about the current area or whoever he's standing next to)

BATTLE ABILITIES (first two ranks only)
Apple Dash/Apple Rush

-START/Reach Super Rank
-One enemy
-3 ATK/6 ATK
Press the A Button right before hitting the target.


-START/Reach Super Rank
-One enemy/Two enemies
Reveals the enemy’s HP and attacks./Reveals two enemies’ HP and attacks.
-Automatically works

Wooden Spoon

-Reach Super Rank
-One enemy
-8 ATK
-Press the A Button right before hitting the target.

Adam will serve a role as Mario's first partner in an upcoming Paper Mario fangame topic of the same name.
As these stats indicate, partners rank up separate from Mario.
WarioWules09 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Look neat! I know you had done that before, but using a different species for Tattling is a nice change if pace when comparing other Paper Mario fangames instead of different Goomba (not that it's a bad thing, it's using a different species that is helpful).

I used Goombella instead of making another Tattling Goomba because I often imagine how people would react if my game got real, and using the latter option would potentially make the Tattling Goomba idea a bit repetitive at the end.

Of course, our crossover game will have Pirlumbus as the tattling partner after being impressed by how versatile Tattling partners are. Each partners will have an Extra Ability at the start, but they works very differently from others (Tattling, interacting with the stage, controlling an enemy, etc).
DerekminyA Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017
Thanks! It definitely assists in springboarding mixing things up.

Goombella's return in DoD helps to deal with two birds in one stone. Players get a returning partner very early, and they get the same role they originally did.

That's interesting. Pirlumbus probably has a lot to say, being a travelling explorer. Extra Abilities also sound like they can spice up the gameplay.
JadaMartinez Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
love it! mind checking out my art :)
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