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In 2 days my core membership is expiring. A year ago I would have probably paid the money for the upgrade but these days I'm not sure if it's worth it. DA just isn't what it used to be and although they've made improvements it's still feeling like a bit of a relic to me. 

Anyone else feeling this way? Should I renew? Curious to hear your thoughts. 
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Just saw this journal entry and the comments, it echoes what I was thinking.

Just came back so I'm "new" - had an account way back in the day but didn't upload anything, just liked to see the many wonderful artwork - and that it's hugely different now.

I was thinking of getting core, but decidedly not to as stalking the "today" and "browse" links for almost 2 weeks everyday didn't return a lot of notable artwork...

Your art is great and it occurred to me that if you're moving onto greener pastures, many must have already...

Too bad, this site was awesome when I looked at it a ton back in 2000's.
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Cool Gallery bro!
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Honestly, I don't see a reason to go Core. The main differences for me are the ads (easily taken care of with uBlock) and being able to set how many pictures per page when browsing. I like seeing a lot of pictures at once when I go browsing for stock or reference images. That's something I can easily do without.
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Also Adobe has had their version of DA for a while now. I cant even bring myself to post art on there.
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You know as well as I do Instagram kicks tail in simplicity. Interaction. as well the exposure to new followers your work gets from likes. I've been bashed by a few hardcore DA fans but DA just doesn't cut it. DA is trying too hard to be everything to all artists by offering too much. If they had a way for people to like a piece of art that in turn gained exposure to their follower I could see the site improving. but there's no way it's done any good for me the last couple years. IG has gained me clients.
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Just kinda jumping into the conversation here, but I've heard a few times that Instagram is the way to go.  But do I have to do all the uploading from my mobile device?  Whenever I've tried using their full-screen website, I can't really find easy ways to upload or anything.  Thoughts?
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If I post a digital file like a jpeg. I throw it up on my Google drive. Then download it through the app on my phone. then post it to IG. I have also been successful with just posting photos of sketches from my sketchbooks too.
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Boy that seems like such a pain!  But I've heard from a lot of people how much better instagram can be.  I'll have to just go through it at first to get all my stuff on there.
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Google Drive is exactly how I do it, too. In the end, I don't think it takes any more time than uploading to DA on the desktop.

If it is really that much of a pain, there are ways to do it all from your desktop. I have SideSync on my Samsung Galaxy S6 and that basically emulates my phone on my PC so I can just do it all from there -- including uploading, writing, and posting to Instagram. Check to see if something similar is available for your phone.

There's also Bluestacks, which is a standalone Android emulator. There may be something similar or iOS but since Instagram is free it shouldn't matter. I can't imagine there's that much difference between uploading on Android and uploading on iOS.
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Well I have android and decided it was just as easy to just upload my stiff on my tablet manually than go through the hassle of 3rd party anything. I guess I'm just impatient... Plus I got bored during an in class lecture :). I do appreciate all the suggestions though! I was mainly concerned about getting my main body of work loaded at first. Not terribly worried about loading new stuff as I do it. Hopefully instagram will be a good place to have my work get noticed a little.
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it really takes about a minute of pain. :P you could do it with dropbox too
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Yeah I heard that. I really appreciate your help! Hopefully instagram will be a better place for me to get my stuff out there a little more.
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Yeah totally feel you here. My instagram followers has almost doubled from 40K to almost 80 in the last 3 months. You can't that growth here at all. Not even close.  I'll still occasionally post stuff here but even then the traffic to my website from DA is so minimal. 
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Dang those are impressive numbers. That is screaming loudly at how good IG is. Imagine by the end of the year having 100k followers and then finding a way to get 1000 of those guys/gals to provide you an income. incredible really. I think you can do it. I'm creeping up on 14k followers. the thing that bothers me most though is I gain more the more I post fan art. I'd rather gain it based on my personal work and characters..... But I tell everyone that asks that Instagram is a slow burn. if you keep at it, it grows quite large. just takes time to build up. 
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Ya the fan art is key for gaining followers. Now that I have more followers, I'm posting more personal work and seeing a better response. I think doing a mix of both is a good idea.  Also I try to only post once or twice a day(if twice like 8-10hrs apart) and the same time everyday. That's a little bit of advice I can give. 
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I certainly didn't.
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Feels that way to me too.  Although I renewed because their portfolio website feature is my main portfolio site for clients.  That's the only reason.
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After my core membership expired, the real differences I saw were:

-Ads are displayed
-You can't display extra large images on your profile page
-Most of the pageview stats are inaccessible
-You can't use the twitter widget on your profile

Hopefully that helps... I personally didn't mind letting it go, but I haven't been on DA as long as others.
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I had been a paying member for about 6 years, if not longer. I let it go and almost nothing changed.
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You know, when i was looking for the core membership details, i didn't found anything. It's the same thing!!!. I mean, if you want to show your work, it doesn't matter if you have a core membership or not. I guess if you want to put a template for your gallery (for me is not necessary anyway) then you should pay for that, but otherwise, it's like Thor said : is unworthy
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