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TOOM - Game Jam creation

A few weeks ago I participated in a 72hr game jam for Ludum Dare with my friend Mike Kasprzak. I tackled the art and he handled the coding. We made a game called TOOM. The game didn't turn out how we had hoped because we were rushed for time but we were still happy with what we had created in the short time frame. The response from the competition was awesome and we won first place for graphics. I don't get an opportunity to do pixel art much any more so it was great to see how well received it was. We are currently looking at turning this into a full game.

You can play TOOM here [link] and follow me on twitter to stay up to date with a FULL version.

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Toom is my new nickname....
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That's pretty cool! Love it!
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The gamelink leads to a black screen only :(
Excellent work Derek. I got stuck in the game. Have successfully avoided spoilers so far so I will try it again in the future.
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sir, what program did you used to create the graphics? thanks
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Thanks bud!! You're amazing!
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Considering your time limit, this is beautiful! The pixelated look really suits the tone of the game. Looking forward to seeing it finished!
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I appreciate it, thanks!
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That was a pretty interesting story...
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haha thanks, full version will be more serious.
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That's great to hear ^^
Hope to see the finished version soon as you finish :D
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See, if I'd understood that the hyper-tube was a bathroom I'd have figured out what to do with the newspaper WAY quicker.
DerekLaufman's avatar
Ya the "joke" was a last minute cop out due to us running out of time. Full version is planning to keep the tone of the game darker.
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yeah, love the graphics, reminds me of the good'ol lucas arts days :)
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This is fantastic! What program did you use to create all the pixel art? It's quite stunning.
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Thanks! All the art was created in Photoshop CS5
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I know you only had 72 the game looks great. I just wish I knew what I was doing:icongrin--plz:
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I cooked the head...... can I feed it to the fish?
DerekLaufman's avatar
Unfortunately no...but you can eat it:)
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