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Prop Art for shelved game

By DerekLaufman
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Here is some camp site art from a shelved game I hope to go back to one day.
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Amazing work full of imagination!:squee: 
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amazing work as always. I'm trying to model all these props in 3d as practice. Can I put the trailer on my demo reel? that's the only one I finished so far (not textured).…
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For sure! Looks awesome!!
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cool, thanks for the approval
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This is amazing work I love it.
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Looks like the game shoot many robots.
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Never heard of it. I'll check it out. Like the name!
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I'm curious about how that cabin would've worked.
My assumption so far is the game would be a sidecroller (camping trailers at least appear to suggest as much, and most object seem to have been designed in mind with being set on a straight path) so I guess house would be an unpenetrable obstacle, the fact it extends 'towards' the player serving as a very strong suggestion 'you can't go that way'.
That or it could be terrain to walk over (the I guess chimney and trees would be intangible?)
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I like the dude with a beer :D
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i was like..ooh a campsite^^ and then noticed the skulls and that the props are COOL!
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These looks fantastic. You do such a great job with these things my friend. Thanks for sharing.
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no problem. Thank you!
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You're welcome! ^^
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