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The Nether Ow - Part 1 by derekguo31 The Nether Ow - Part 1 by derekguo31
This was a very, very old map that I built, even before 0.8.0 came out, Meow :3 which lives up to its name: with little generated structure, it is covered with lava, some netherrack and nether brick, and pigs (zombie pigmen, right?). (I'm holding the seeds just because i had it im my inventory.) Built over a year ago, there's a story behind the chaotic scene (and this is only a part of the map.

derekguo31 and his pet cat Garfield (NAMED after the famous Garfield), jumpMan, and Hero-man with his horse Warfare, live (derekguo31, or Dtr. Guo, vacates instead) in the Kingdom of the No Girls Club, (yes it’s named that) that took over the treehouse (big tree (custom made) covered in snow, the small house to the right (also covered in snow) and it's main, secret, underground base made of diamond walls (left, behind treehouse), one of the three remaining separate kingdoms in the Nether Overworld, a place that held a legendary tale of the once powerful Sky Empire, filled with many little bulidings and shrines (making up the kingdoms today), now separated into three kingdoms when a cluster of comets from another planet rained down on the land, destroying much of the land, turning it into lava and netherrack. it was chaos, with fires, smoke, and heat for many centuries. few survived, and only by the buildings that missed the destruction. This was known as the Nether's Age, from 8000-2000 BC. life eventually grew back, and lava cooled and turned into new blocks, but buried much of the land in those blocks, trapping treasures of knowledge and riches. Today, three kingdoms: No Girls Club, Gold, and Diamond, are the last kingdoms there ever were.

derekguo31, jumpMan, and Hero-man will go on a quest to save the Kingdom of Gold, ruled by Mr. Buddre and Skydoesminecraft (part-time) after a dangerous journey, they finally made it. A small but amazing city complex with floating island buildings, an all-friendly population of 550, tons of resources and riches, and even more pets and golems (and mighty gold defenses and an amazing army). The antagonist? The ambitious, bloodthirsty and wanting-to-destroy-the-Kingdom-of-Gold -- Kingdom of the Diamond, led by Conqueror Cyrus the Deadly and an army of 300, plus a bunch of monsters, pets, and weapons of diamond. They do make it to the Kingdom of Gold to meet Mr. Buddre, the Court, and Skydoesminecraft to save the Kingdom of Gold from the Kingdom of the Diamond’s death and destruction….
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August 7, 2014
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