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Terraria Onward - Ninja Bunny by derekguo31 Terraria Onward - Ninja Bunny by derekguo31
I got the idea from one of Baum's Necro Mod videos. This link has the clip of where I got the idea.…

Then I modified it to become my own "custom" champion!

The Ninja Bunny is an Anamalian from Anamalia, but when he was young his town was destroyed. His family fled to Toroid, another planet, where they lived until the bunny was 17 years of age. He has since then left his home star system where he took up peace at China. He is now of 20 years of age.

He lives in a floating island, where he protects his province. He stuck to Buddhism life, the only companion being with him a black creature that can change into anything, from a slime to even the most complex of spaceships.

He crafted his staff from the most sturdiest of wood, fitting it with diamond blades to make the staff not just a staff, but also a sword, lance, pick, axe, cutting-knife, drill, and so on. He trained himself to become a true samurai, to know how to fight, how to survive, and the tastes of his country. His speed is like the winds of a storm, and his smartness is enough to defeat almost anything.

He also took survival packs and a multiple-use backpack (not just for carrying, but allows flight). The storage items were needed to store things necessary for survival and also something he used mastered back in Toroid: spellbooks. 
Besides his main three spellbooks, a Card Runes Book (using Runes based on Yugioh Spells and Traps), Rune Book (for all sorts of crawy spells), and Spellbook of Power, he also carries an even larger, extra assortment, of a dictionary, thesaurus, almanac, guide, newsbook, entertainment, technology, coding, math, science, history, geography/atlas, cookbooks, some more rune books, more spellbooks, connection enhancers, and some more spellbooks and tomes that I don't know about! But beware of his ultimate move, for if the power of all the books come there is no escape...

Thanks for reading!
-Dtr. Guo

Longtime later EDIT: I've known that this art did indeed get featured on one of Baum's videos, but I don't know which one and I can't find the link. If this place still isn't a desert, can anyone remind me of where it might be?
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