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Original Champion: Ink'Ling, the Creator Master by derekguo31 Original Champion: Ink'Ling, the Creator Master by derekguo31
EDIT: Proof that other people used the Inkling name first, not Nintendo (besides, it already existed as a formal English word before that)

Custom Champion:


Type: Primary: Mage, Secondary: Support (Can jungle)
Difficulty - Medium
Attack Damage - High
Ability Power - High
Defense - Low (17.5)
Agility - Sufficient (450)
Magic Resist: 10

HP: 450 (lv. 1), 1450 (lv. 18)
Health Regan: 5-8/sec
Mana:  405 (lv. 1), 2255 (lv. 18)
Mana Regen: 5.5-11/sec


Basic Attack: Every 2 seconds, creates arrows with the pen that target an enemy and deals 60-135 damage. Consumes 30 mana.

 Every half second, Ink'Ling's pen cap sucks in energy, dealing 3-8 splash damage to enemies, but gives Ink-Ling extra mana based on what enemies were damaged: 8 (base mana), 3 (minions), 5 (champion summoned minions, turrets, inhibitors, super minions, nexus), 5-8(jungle enemies, champions), 10(bosses, like Baron Nashor or the Dragon, also performs 10 life steal), and gives 10 extra mana for each enemy killed.

Create Missiles: Cost: 75-165 mana. Ink'Ling creates four missiles with his pen that home in on enemies and deals 110-300 splash damage. Cooldown: 10

Shield Draw: Cost: 140-215 mana. Using his pen, he draws shields shielding himself , his minions, and 2-3 other allies, making them immune to most debuffs, attacks, and nearly all abilities that deal damage. Knocks enemies high and far. Cooldown: 15

Minion Summon: Cost: 100-130 mana. Creates one Stick Figure "minion" that has 150-600 health and lots of defense and resistance but deals 5-30 damage per second, and has fast movement speed. Max amount: 4. Cooldown: 9

Ult: Art of Creativity!!!: Cost: 10-18 mana. Ink'Ling uses his great, warlike might and brilliance and creates either: a Ring of Fire, Swords, Bullets, Fire Projectiles, or Paintbrush of Death, all that are unique and deal a ton of damage. Ink'Ling also gains a temporary buff that makes his attack damage (not AP) much stronger and faster and uses less mana, and makes him highly resistant to attacks. Cooldown: 100

With his Minion Summon, and by purchasing attack items, he can, with effort, jungle very well.
Use his Missile attack to blow minions and champions out of the way.
His Shield Draw ability can shield you, your minions, and others from great harm. good if you're fighting a boss (like Baron), or even going against a turret.
When jungling or going on the lane, try to fight where there's a lot of enemies or one strong enemy to gain more mana for attacks. Make sure to always have a supply of mana with you.

One day, shortly before the League. in a Piltover schoolhouse, a boy was drawing. he drew and drew and drew. Curves, edges, you name it. He loved to draw weapons or technology. But the thing was, he wasn't a normal boy. In his mind was the power of creativity, and it would help him create whatever he wanted, and if he were to be willing, he could make it alive.
That day he was imagining a pen that could be used as a weapon. He didn't like pens used as a vehicle, as they look like, but more as a deadly defense mechanism, so that if he were ever to be "threatened" by a teacher because of some sort of mischief, he could use that pen and spank her away.
Vi was that teacher. Part time.
He drew that pen big, and added flames and a mouth to the pen to make it look more menacing, and for the pencil part of the pen he drew it to look like a barrel. Magic was put in that drawing.
He also drew himself. He liked the "wild" boots that his mom never let him wear, so he put those on. He made himself bald because under that hat he wore today he was, because of a surgery. Because one eye was badly scarred, he drew an eye patch.
He liked that drawing. He was 15 years old.
He drew it a lot. Besides a bunch of other drawings, he drew that design a lot, for 3 years.
At 18 years old, he was drawing at his apartment. He drew it all on one paper, and put his true passion of drawing into it. 
That same day, Jinx was firing into Piltover.
One of her bombs blew up his house.
His parents were not there that day.
The boy died.
But the drawing of himself and his pen came alive.
When he found that he had become his drawing, he was amazed... and angered.
He saw the girl. The girl with the fish-gun.
He was angered. Engared. Madded. WIth a fierce, rage battle cry, he rode his giant, horse-sized pen, which he found hovered above the ground, and chased her.
But when he cornered the naughty, careless, not to mention a little innocent and pretty, girl with the guns, she crowed: "You'll never catch me! Get jinxed!" and rode off into the clouds high above.

The boy rode away from Piltover, sad and angry at the same time. But he still had his powers of creativity. He reached a place of lone, known as the Voodoo Lands, by a village, said to be where a pyromaniac resides. He built a house, filled with furniture, light, items, even animals and plants... with his imagination. Knowing that no one will believe him if he told his former name to anyone, he renamed himself - Ink'Ling.

Ink'Ling was 21 years old when he was invited to the League. It happened that day when the pyromaniac, clutching her teddy bear, passed by his white, pen-drawn, strange-looking house that had walls filled with drawings. She wanted to see the resident. Knocking on the door thrice, Ink'Ling responded, with a "mechanical" tone, "There is no one home. Please leave." But the girl wasn't fooled, and with her pyrokinesis she opened the door. She saw the strange inhabitant, and asked what and why he was here.

He told her his name and his story and how he wound up this way. The girl then told him of where to find his enemy, Jinx, and invited him to the League. He accepted, knowing that now he could finally verse, and possibly take under his control, the girl who destroyed his house, his body, and his past life, the life that was once before his human eyes.
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I'm not gonna lie, my first thought was Doodlebob from that one Spongebob episode. 
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