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LoL - Rails, the Twins, and Terra by derekguo31 LoL - Rails, the Twins, and Terra by derekguo31

The Ckrikhcrartau (C-KRAK-hau-crr-AO-r-TAU), after the sounds of their romping long ago, were small, humanoid units that are smaller than Valorans yet bigger than Yordles. Their world was built by Terra, whose origins are unknown, and her artwork influenced by Valoran land and culture.

Other than that, they are different. Their culture, traditions, rules, actions, and the arts are all very different. Their clothing is created in a different fashion. Their homes can float in the air, taking the shape of cells of all sorts, being it animal, plant, or even bacteria. Education is strict, and so is physical training. But even so, they have many ways of fun, be it traditional or more new, like gaming or rituals and so on.

They also have a powerful army. The warriors showing true ability to survive or saviors like Rails the sniper and the Twins, heed on as Masters. Commanders (for land), Colonels (for air) and Captains (for water and defensives) come next. Finally there are the soldiers. The technology these tiny beings developed is very advanced, complex, and unique, besting even Piltover’s technology. For rifles they have plasma sniper rifles and railguns. For explosives they have eco-friendly nukes. Swords in their realm appear and are handled much more differently, as are lances, handguns, and so on. Finally, their armor is developed to be strong enough to resist much of the damage their weapons could do, and grants many immunities and abilities, yet is flexible and light enough to move about.

But all of this had a cost on the land Terra created. They were running out of resources. Even worse, Valoran had heard and sent ships to conquer this vast civilization. Terra, Rails, and the Twins - all good friends and allies - fight against this powerful menace in the League for their own country - and kin.

Rails, the Shadow Sniper

Type: Mage

Normal health and mana, normal regen, increased armor, speed, and magic resist. Has no basic attack. Rails uses AP to “basic attack,” a snipe move dealing plenty of damage. He can also camo and increase his accuracy (and other attack stats) by adjusting his rifle scope. HIs ultimate is a destructive home in that can devastate even the mightiest of tanks.

No one knows the story of Rails. Rails never told his origins, his life. All we know of him is that he does almost everything solo. His only friends being Terra and Dax, Rails made his armor and only weapon from his brilliant mind, after decades of scholarship. You are probably doomed to fall if you are on his “to-destroy” list.

The Twins

Type: Mage, Marksman

Belle and Dax: Greatly increased health (2x mage+ - both Belle’s and Dax’s damage are for the same hp bar), increased regeneration, increased armor and magic resist. Belle’s speed is mage-average, whereas Dax’s is much faster. Belle and Dax have same basic attack speed, except Dac’s (ranged) damage is less and can cause slowness, while Belle (melee) has much more and can cause Demon’s Inferno (like Cursed Inferno). The Twins use Ability Power for two of their moves, one of which sprays their fire and lasers everywhere and another that ambushes the target. The third move “refreshes” them, restoring stats, reducing cooldown, and resting for some seconds. When done so, their stats are increased and debuffs cleared. The Twins’ ultimate “transforms” both of them, significantly gaining HP, Mana, HP/Mana Regeneration, plenty of Armor and Magic Resist, speed, and most notoriously their damage and crit chance.

The Twins were once ordinary children. They had a good GPA, and were raised by a family of scientists. But their father had other plans. He wanted his children to be magical, unique, strong, and ready to fight, instead of just ordinary. With that goal in mind, the father created a medication that his children were instructed to take. And just like that, they were the warriors he could use to recruit into the army. He had them stop school at the age of 16, even though they would take other programs, and trained them for military use. When the Twins reached 19 years of age, after one year in the military and exceeding the standards, fate tested their worth. Demacia had heard of this powerful empire on the artificial island, and so did Piltover, Noxus, and Ionia. They, and other civilizations of Valoran launched several powerful crusades to conquer land for their own. Garen, Heimerdinger, Yi, Draven and Darius, Ziggs, Singed, … nearly every city able to do so was staked to attack. The Twins led a powerful counterattack, and drove the enemies away, but much was lost. Their hometown and several other places were completely obliterated, and thousands of lives, including their family’s, were lost. The Twins joined the League to avenge those innocent lives that were taken from the savage invaders.

Terra, Creator of All

Type: Mage

Health and mana close to that of a tank (but not quite), average regeneration, increased magic resist and speed, slightly increased armor. Has ranged attack speed, but can be assisted with a few animal friends that come upon spawn. Terra has three basic abilities. Her first one is to form the land; by hurtling boulders, forming bold extremes, and even making the rifts of the lands. Her second is the life: In a certain area, Terra will “grow” various plants and fungi, and this move also can respawn 1-2 of any defeated animals. The third move is weather: summoning a storm cloud, Terra commands it at an enemy zone to wreak havoc. Her ultimate is the opposite of everything: to destroy everything. Terra uses the power of creating to destroy, with tornadoes, disasters, and other means of doom.

Legend tells that Terra created an island from the Sea. It was, as stories tell, called Runa. She formed volcanoes, beautiful landforms, and floating islands finished with a sea of clouds. Terra formed life, most of the species based off of those in Valoran and the seas. She made the weather rather decent, and easy to build settlements. But Terra also wanted humanoid life there. Using her past knowledge, she crafted the little inhabitants that occupy the island today. Terra just watched. She observed the evolution, of life, of land, and of technology. She never realized just how satisfied she felt while looking at the now technologically advanced civilization that stood underneath her feet. But one dark day, Terra watched the fog, and saw the Valoran invaders. Terra was horrified, and quickly dove into the lands she created. Appearing before the monarch, she informed them of the invasion and that they needed to get ready now. She also insisted of joining in, for she did not want her land taken by foreign scoundrels. Even though they won, Terra saw just how much destruction the enemies did to her land, her creation, her dream , and for that, Terra joined the League to avenge that land.

Thx for reading! Merry Christmas 2014 (this is a gift - the picture was done so many months ago I can't rememberI am a dummy! )
-Dtr. Guo
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