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League of Legends - Obliviator, the Aztec Sentinel by derekguo31 League of Legends - Obliviator, the Aztec Sentinel by derekguo31

Primary: Tank
Secondary: Fighter (Semi-jungler/AD/Semi-AP)

Health: 540-2350 (All healing abilities/power-ups/items give only 75% regeneration of health than what it normally would grant)
Health Regen: 0.75/sec
Mana: 415-1640 (All mana-regen abilities/power-ups/items give only 60% health regeneration than what it normally would grant) (increased benefits from mana-increasing items)
Mana Regen: 0.5/sec 
Attack Damage: 55-126.9
Attack Speed: 0.7
Armor: 20-117
Movement Speed: 305

Passive: Every four basic attacks Obliviator will throw a ranged boulder at his enemies, using 5-2 mana. It takes 1 second to charge and deals 80-143.7 splash damage.

Q: Big Boulder
Obliviator takes one second to create a giant boulder, using mana. The activating Q again will have you select targets and throw the boulder, with no mana cost. Obliviator cannot basic attack or use other abilities when he has a boulder. This knocks enemies airborne and slows them.
Mana Cost: 50-90
Cooldown: 11-8
Damage: 110-270 (splash, in range)

W: Earthquake
Obliviator slams his hands together creating a burning-hot shock wave dealing fire damage, knocking enemies airborne and slowing them.
Mana Cost: 90-160
Cooldown: 19-16
Damage: 145-310

E: Golem Jump
Obliviator jumps to your selected spot, dealing some damage to enemies nearby him.
Mana Cost: 5
Cooldown: 10-8
Damage: 45-90

Ultimate: Destroy Everything!!!
Obliviator becomes triple his size, regenerating 100-400 health and 50-150 mana. This gives him a 17-second buff that greatly increases health and mana regeneration, movement distance, attack damage, ability power, and attack speed. Also increases his defense and magic resist and they increases the more damage he takes.
Mana Cost: None
Cooldown: 100-80

Long ago, in another planet, a giant boulder that looks foreign and alien crashed nearby the Aztec's city. They believed that this was a blessing from the gods, as that was a day of a festival. The boulder broke, and inside were more boulder pieces. The Aztecs were confused, but the boulder pieces assembled to form a golem of death. The Aztecs bowed to this golem, who became loyal to the Aztecs in return. From that moment on, the Aztecs used this golem as defense against many of their enemies for many long years.
One day, a giant meteorite crashed near the base that created a giant shockwave. Unfortunately the great golem was nearby that meteor landing target, and the strong shockwave blasted it high into the air. It was so strong that the shockwave ruptered its systems, causing it to fly out of earth at an immensely fast speed, deactivating it in the process. It became not much more than a pile of boulders.
Hundreds of years later, in Runeterra, the pieces crashed into Valoran, one in Bandle City, one in the Voodoo Lands, one in Demacia, one in Noxus, one in Ionia, and others in other places. Years passed, and the pieces were taken and studied by nearby intelligence, like humans.
More years passed. The League was born, and many champions were in. Then, the pieces reactivated.
First, the lights. The pieces began to glow. Next, they flew out of the buildings housing them. The pieces flew to a place near the Voodoo Lands' village. They assembled, and the great Golem, later named Obliviator, was reborn.
Annie saw him, and the village was frightened. Obliviator clapped his hands together, damaging much of the village. It didn't know just where its masters were. Annie retaliated with a pulse of fire. The golem dodged it by jumping in the direction of Bandle City, and made its way to the forest nearby it. Annie, riding Tibbers, followed.
Obliviator was enraged. Its masters were not present. It made an earthquake again, this time so powerful even the Yordles, including a Sorceress, heard and became frightened. The shockwave also uprooted many of the trees. and destroyed some plants and grass as well. The golem advanced into Bandle City, with all its might, and began tearing down the buildings, one by one. Teemo tried to shoot with his blowpipe, only to just be missed by Obliviator's feet. Tristana fired her cannon but got swept by his hands instead.
Then the Fae Sorceress appeared. Accompanied by Annie, she tried her own special magic for the golem. Obliviator responded, but not violently. Slowly, Lulu was able to get him to calm down and stay. Soon, the golem learned that Bandle would be his place to stay and protect, until it found the Aztecs it once bowed before. But still, every day, even in the League, Obliviator still wanders around, clearing and destroying forests and buildings and even mountains or caves, looking for its masters.

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