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Hey SCRATON - Lyrics
On the eve of one sparkly night,
A pastel pony takes a one-shotted flight
An’ the friendships she formed resounded all around the world,
Through Equ-us and behold, from the young to the old,
And at a li’l parlor in R’n’L of Czeckia, …
As he wandered through this newfound nation,
He caught the eye of a certain dee-jay pony,
She looked at him an’ her lips formed somethin’,
Her quintessence dove inside
And he heeded her callin’—
Hey Scraton! Hey Scraton!
Bring my bass cannon to de-light,
Take your love for wubs with good intents
And work it, work it, work the noise
Hey Scraton! Hey Scraton!
Strap on your iPon-3,
Spread your sound as far as smiles can go
As the signature of me…
Hey Vinyl, Hey Vinyl,
I’ve gained a claim to fame
Cause of the icon in your name
My singles reached the apex of the fandom
Hey Vinyl, Hey Vinyl,
I don’t know if it’ll last,
I’m a person, not a pony,
I want the advantages of freedom
:iconderekguo31:derekguo31 2 0
By the shoreline, a
Complex string of characters
Fragrance of trouble
Whispering propaganda
Painted with the Devil’s trace
A dot and a bulb
Dropping into the abyss
At what grot of sin?
Sly darkness, hidden markets
Only those who enter know.
:iconderekguo31:derekguo31 0 0
Autumn Leaves
They say leaves are dead
But they are truly alive
Invading by force
And swallowing up the ground
Suffocating all beneath
:iconderekguo31:derekguo31 1 0
A dazzling day today, blessed by God,
Thy tower of house taints the foliage retch,
Oi, chompers, boxes so strenuously spawl’d,
The windows void of light, the ill-kept fence,
Perchance tis caution spins from sins so base,
Afeard I’m not to go investigate.
Marry! My claws mumble from slumber deep,
Yet the scene my suspicions it supports,
Those haphazard utensils it so seems,
A lock’d and boarded door the tools part.
What injustice the neighbour so strong guards?
Venture again, I must find what he hoards,
This leaf best be stow’d for future scrawling,
Ah me!—by and by—I best be going.
I’m writing, but this paper be not mine,
In a drawer, so slightly tattered, dry,
The morrow winks, the gulls call, I’m new here,
Whose pen and appellation is unclear,
I’ve scoured the sights, the larks crow, grasses sway,
But midst the back, patches of brown and grey,
Tis the tenant’s flaw or another’s fault,
Might the question lie in the neig
:iconderekguo31:derekguo31 1 0
The Statue
The room quivers
And ceiling debris rain;
The seven drop everything
And escape from sight;
But one still stands.
A bleak figure
Within the darkness.
The room resettled.
Its eyes stirred into focus,
Although they were gone,
They blinked.
Soon they remained shut.
Then, they burst open;
He had awoken.
:iconderekguo31:derekguo31 0 0
The Destroyer
The almighty roar of Death radiates,
Reverberating the world in immortal fire—
His energy, in dramatic ascension,
Chaos and harmony incongruent in his demands,
A mage of both, the spectre rises
Up into the innocent clouds,
The oceans vortex from contracted energy,
Initiating activation ... now.
A violent ring of magic explodes,
Incinerating the land within its reach;
A hypernova follows,
Splitting a chasm within the dirt;
The clouds glow scarlet,
The destroyer burns a vile red...
A beam of searing sun concentrates
And ventures from its master;
A superstorm of pitch transcends day into night
To hail a dense mist of devil's death—
Satisfied at his victory, the spectre believes,
Desiring more to conquer, he disapparates.
:iconderekguo31:derekguo31 0 0
Mature content
Ode to Cutlery :iconderekguo31:derekguo31 0 0
Ode to Blood
It is the vigor of our lives,
Fills our hearts with satisfaction,
Saturation within our minds,
We savor it all for granted,
The fluid calls for adrenaline,
Purifies our tissues of glycerin,
Hydrates the cells with oxygen,
The redness pumps our lives each day,
Alas, the crimson acts like traffic
On a path that’s so erratic,
Fragility can disrupt the system,
Augment a flaw into an enigma,
The travelers clot once the walls around drop,
They flee the scene upon the scream of a beast,
And after the wound, the scarlet starts to flow,
I scoop some with a ladle,
And I take the bloodshot.
To me, the liquid is a mystery,
Watching it ooze from my victims entertains me,
Bread and wine I need not consume, for when my body pleads provision I transfuse them through.
The bloodlust always satiated me with its saline flavour and thick umami,
Seems to dry my throat after, but it rapproches sated,
Thine blood remains next for the reaper to savor it!
:iconderekguo31:derekguo31 1 0
An immersement inside that crystal ball…
To thaw the crystals muffling the maw
So when they take their binoculars,
And focus on the resolution far,
The destiny of an impossible cause,
To shatter their chains of my demagogue,
Does the light portray a Paradiso,
Under which I reign wealthy in maths and the arts,
Or a nocturne of slumful and dismal delacroix,
To determine if my like is a gain or a loss.
:iconderekguo31:derekguo31 1 0
To play
Entertain or disdain
Innovating, inflicting, disassembling, climaxing
:iconderekguo31:derekguo31 1 0
Haiku Blitz
Unsheathing of claws
A pounding of snowy paws
Glittering crimson
A white-tailed filly
The singing of twilight air
The gasp of a life
Into the tunnel
Within the blink of an eye
Waft of a wasteland
Crossed scenes and blurry light
Sparkling eyes of deep midnight
All come to again
:iconderekguo31:derekguo31 1 0
Fusing and ponifying, that’s the spirit!
Lobby in conventions, purchase pony trinkets,
Amass eclectic collections of Equestria’s tribes,
Imagine and inscribe your terraformations in fanfiction,
Relieve your dilemmas in the Brony nation…
Warlords from alienations will extinguishment of the flame,
Attacking and enflaming your idyllistic, pacifist mane,
Rollicking, the alicorn buckled its assailant, enraged.
:iconderekguo31:derekguo31 1 0
Reminisce the worlds you left to rot,
Egregious governors you disparaged and fought,
Alas! The commune is in open reticence,
Looming away from your homeland’s essence,
Mourning the loss of all funds, you cast it away…
Today, your fleet has just spotted a bay!
Wallow in the excitement, make haste in your disembarkment!
Open new government, waste you time, build new settlement!
:iconderekguo31:derekguo31 2 0
An`akunaar National Flag by derekguo31 An`akunaar National Flag :iconderekguo31:derekguo31 0 0 Immersion Card by derekguo31 Immersion Card :iconderekguo31:derekguo31 1 0 Max and Chloe - Saving the Bae, Alternate by derekguo31 Max and Chloe - Saving the Bae, Alternate :iconderekguo31:derekguo31 2 0


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