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:iconderekari:Derekari posted a status
hey ho just a heads up that I'm updating my RP policies

I'll be updating the individual character RP trackers shortly, but tl;dr of what's happening is that I'm cutting down the amount of full-length RPs and moving more heavily onto headcanons and short interactions

I don't want to go into lenghty explanations about why because that'd be a dull read and comes down to me simply not having enough time in my hands due to studies picking up speed, practical training, work and what else

this change will primarily affect any future RPs, but if you have any questions about current RPs or RP plans we have for future, do not hesitate to throw me a note or skype/discord message or a brick with a message tied onto it!

stay rad y'all and thanks for dealing my laggy responses this long

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