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PKMN-TWD: Francka Novak by Derekari PKMN-TWD: Francka Novak by Derekari

[ B A S I C S ]

Name Francka Anita Novak
Nickname Frankie
Gender Female
Age 26
Birthday August 30th (♍)
Height 5’4”
Weight 128 lbs

Affiliation N/A
Job N/A
Weapon Machete

[ P O K É M O N ]

Species Zangoose #335
Ability Toxic Boost ( HA - Attack stat increased by 50% when Poisoned )


[Normal] Leer | The opposing team gains an intimidating leer with sharp eyes. The opposing team's Defense stats are reduced.
[Normal] Crush Claw | The user slashes the target with hard and sharp claws. It may also lower the target's Defense.
[Fight] Revenge | An attack move that inflicts double the damage if the user has been hurt by the opponent in the same turn.
[Poison] Poison Jab (TM) | The target is stabbed with a tentacle or arm steeped in poison. It may also poison the target.

HP: 2 | Attack: 3 | Defense: 1 | Speed: 2 | Sp. Def: 0 | Sp. Atk: 0

[ A B O U T ]

Frankie travels with her girlfriend Lottie, mostly avoiding other survivors but dealing with them when necessary. Frankie and Lottie rarely stay in one place for too long, moving from one temporary camp to another. The time between changes varies depending on safety and sustainability.

Frankie has taken to picking up valuables (medicine, ammo, etc.) while scavenging for trading, but if she has nothing else to offer she may simply act as hired muscle for a short gig.

[ P E R S O N A L I T Y ]

Nature Adamant
Characteristic Quick tempered

brave | confident | independent | loyal | reckless | confrontational | ill-tempered | unsympathetic
Frankie is a package of sheer willpower and drive. She firmly believes she has what it takes to get through anything and refuses to go down no matter what, even when backing down would be the smart choice. Her blood seems to be constantly boiling and it’s not rare for it to boil over, making her temper notorious. Even when she’s not outright angry, her behavior is very coarse and she struggles with reeling it in even with friends, unsurprisingly severely limiting the number of them. Because of this, she truly appreciates those few who she has, even if she doesn’t really know how to show it in other ways than smacking a zom in the face for them.
Likes climbing, gambling, make-up + dressing up, crunchy food, offkey singing
Dislikes humid weather, reading, flowers, unannounced touching, yelling, smoking

Talents survivalist skills, good endurance (mental and physical)
Flaws aggression, lack of academics, impaired balance


[ H I S T O R Y ]

Frankie had a rough start; her parents were neglectful and the most attention Frankie got was through yelling. She grew to follow suit; the problems at home manifested as acting out elsewhere. School was nothing but problems - instead of studying, Frankie focused on lashing out at teachers and other students. She was quickly pointed to a school counselor and to a school psychologist. When the root of her problems was eventually discovered, she was taken to foster care at age of 12.
Although Frankie’s foster parents tried their best to help the girl, she associated them too closely with her own parents to open up to them and her problematic behavior continued. The progress she made with her psychologist was poor as well, up until her psychologist suggested peer support shortly after Frankie turned 15.
Through peer support, Frankie met Lottie the Lampent. Only a few years older than Frankie, Lottie was a volunteer holding small workshops for troubled youngsters. She was immensely patient and encouraging with Frankie and turned out to be the support Frankie had needed. The girls became close friends even outside of the workshop and finally, Frankie started opening up and making some progress.
Sadly, the change came a little too late. Frankie turned 18 soon after and decided to quit her therapy against her foster parents’ and therapist’s advice because she believed she didn’t need it anymore. Sure, she still had a temper, but overall she felt better and most importantly, she had Lottie and Lottie had her.
Lottie, unfortunately, had someone else as well; namely, a boyfriend and he didn’t like how much time Lottie spent with Frankie. Over the time, it became a problem. Lottie confided in Frankie that her boyfriend had started acting borderline threatening. Lottie was distressed; Frankie was furious. She was ready to fight the boyfriend to ensure Lottie’s happiness.

The fight happened sooner than Frankie could’ve expected. On the Z-day, Lottie’s boyfriend was one of the first to turn, and Frankie was the one to put him down. With the man gone and the world gone to hell, Frankie took it upon herself to keep Lottie safe. Although they met a few other survivors, Frankie didn’t trust anyone with Lottie’s safety enough to stick with them for long.

[ O T H E R]

Frankie and Lottie started officially dating a few months into the apocalypse.
Although Frankie really enjoys dressing up fancy, surviving means sticking to more practical clothing. Occasionally, however, if she and Lottie happen across a clothing store that hadn’t been completely ransacked, they may stop for a little “catwalk night”.
Although Frankie knows how to put on make-up herself, she lets Lottie do it for her because it calms the Lampent down.
✖ There's a strip of fur going down Frankie's neck down to between her elbows that can bristle up when she's agitated.
✖ The big claws on Frankie's hands are retractable.
✖ Frankie lost most of her tail to a close call with a zombie; the tail was grabbed, and she decided she rather cut it off than became zombie food. She's still working on readjusting her balance.

[ C O N T A C T ]

Open for headcanons!
Contact through notes and discord.
No shipping - she's already taken.
✖ Any other relationships are a go as long as there's communication.

June 25th -17: She's in!

Lottie (mentioned) (c) 1558
Zangoose / Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Character & art (c) me
chiridion Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2017  Student General Artist
I will pay her 20 bucks that's pretty much useless because it's the apocalypse charlie brown to beat me up and step on me because y IKES-

no joke though her hair + little ear tufts?? they make the world a better place already honestly,,
Derekari Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2017
she'll take the offer anyway I'm sure-

gos h thank at first I was going to give her regular zangoose ears but then I was like,, ok but what if,,, ear tufts,,,
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