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P-P: Susi Petaja by Derekari P-P: Susi Petaja by Derekari

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NAME  Susanna “Susi” Inkeri Petäjä
AGE 16
BIRTHDAY April 17th ( ♈ )
GENDER  female

HEIGHT 156 cm ~ 5’1
WEIGHT  60 kg ~ 132 lbs


SPECIES Arcanine
ABILITY  Flash Fire ( Powers up the Pokémon's Fire-type moves if it's hit by one. )

[Normal] Leer | The user gives opposing Pokémon an intimidating leer that lowers the Defense stat.
[Normal] Extreme Speed 1 | The user charges the target at blinding speed. This move always goes first.
[Electric] Wild Charge (TM2) | The user shrouds itself in electricity and smashes into its target. This also damages the user a little.
[Fire] Flame Charge (TM3) | Cloaking itself in flame, the user attacks. Then, building up more power, the user raises its Speed stat.

+ [Fight] Rock Smash (TM4) | The user attacks with a punch. This may also lower the target's Defense stat.

    1 Susi has always had an active lifestyle, so upon evolution, learning Extreme Speed came to her easily.
    2 Susi wanted a cool move for show purposes and thus purchased the TM. The fact it’s super effective on water types is also a nice bonus.
    3 A birthday gift from Kalani, also for show purposes.
    4 Susi bought the TM for herself purely for self-defense purposes.

M A H O U   S T A T S 

WISH “I wish I could beat some sense into his thick skull!”
Susi had grown dead tired of her father being distant and always picking the wrong choices for their family and wanted him to finally think a step farther and consider the needs of his children better. Thanks to Kyubey, he began doing exactly that, and their family life notably improved.

SOUL GEM Acid green | located on the right shoulder |


I. "Hakkapeliitta" | Flaming baseball bat | T1
A lightweight but durable metal bat, Hakkapeliitta is very good for close-quarter combat and can deliver quick and heavy blows.
Ability I - Fire cloak
The bat is covered with fire for some additional damage.
The flames are green like her soul gem and do not hurt Susi, but otherwise behave like normal fire and can spread or be put out like any other flame.
Without interruption or Susi putting them out, the fire can stay on for 20 seconds which is followed by a cooldown of one minute. If Susi puts the fire out sooner, the cooldown shortens too, but only to a minimum of half a minute in case she puts the fire out in 10 seconds or less.

II. "Marsalkka" | Chainsaw broadsword | T2
A heavy-duty, big broadsword with serrated teeth running down one side. While not the fastest, the sword is capable of causing major cutting and tearing damage when it hits.
Ability I - Chainsaw
The serrated teeth of the sword can rotate like those of a chainsaw which gives the sword a notable damage boost.
When the ability is on, the sword can also be used to cut down walls of witches’ mazes or other obstacles.
The sword can be “on” consecutively for 30 seconds until it overheats and has to cool down for another 30.
Ability II - Oil coat
The sword can excrete hot, oil-like substance which can burn and damage any surfaces it comes in contact with. Additionally, if the oil is not wiped or washed away quickly enough, it will begin eating through the surface its on as if it was acid.
The sword can hold enough oil to last for a few strikes at a time. After that, it needs roughly a minute to replenish the used oil.
The oil is flammable.

POWERS Allow Susi to beat and keep beating.

I. “Morkula” | Projectile | T2 | Starting power
A summoned explosive energy ball Susi can hit at the target with her bat to deal moderate damage with a direct it. The explosion is small and has virtually no area damage, unless the enemies are right next to each other.
Only one ball can be summoned at a time and Susi must wait 30 seconds between each. The maximum amount she can use in an instance is 5.
If Susi loses her bat, she still summon the balls and toss them by hand, but their power, speed and range are cut in half.

II. “Sisu”  | Durability buff | T3 | Starting power
Lets Susi tank out three doses of heavy damage which would’ve potentially knocked her out without sustaining any damage.
The three separate uses can be exchanged to 15 seconds of invulnerability which Susi can activate at will.
The separate uses cannot be activated at will - they trigger automatically when the conditions are met. The source of the incoming damage doesn’t matter; accidental falling from a height would trigger the power just like an attack from an enemy.
If Susi has used the power once or twice already, she can still activate the invulnerability, but each separate use cuts 5 seconds off it.
Once the invulnerability is activated, it will use up all the remaining separate uses. Susi cannot choose to, for example, exchange only 2 of them for 10 seconds of invulnerability, and save one use for later.
Psychological effects stay, but if Susi sees an attack incoming it doesn’t haze her as much because she knows the power will protect her.

III. “Tulta ja tappuraa” | Explosion | T3 | Unlocked through levels
By sweeping her hand, Susi summons up a dust cloud and makes it explode by closing her fist, injuring any enemies within its range.
The cloud has a maximum diameter of 15 ft, but can be focused on a smaller area for a greater explosive power. Condensing the cloud into less than 5 ft can OHKO a weaker target and severely injure a stronger one. Condensing the cloud requires up to 5 seconds of concentration from Susi.
Additionally, if the cloud isn’t exploded, just by staying in place it’s capable of causing eye and airway irritation like a normal dust cloud, making it difficult to see and breathe in it unless you protect your eyes and mouth somehow.
The power has a maximum duration of 60 seconds per instance, meaning that Susi can use the power for different amounts of time and length, as long as the sum doesn’t exceed 60 seconds in a single battle.
As long as Susi is wearing her helmet, it protects her from the cloud’s passive negative effects, but she isn’t immune to the explosive damage and as such, she cannot explode the cloud when it’s too close to herself unless she wants to risk injury.
Strong winds can disperse the cloud, rendering it unable to explode, and the power cannot be used at all in a rainy or otherwise very humid environment.


NATURE Hardy ( no stat changes )

calm | responsible | self-sufficient | practical | solitary | headstrong | inflexible | controlling | judgemental

Pack leader
At a quick glance, Susi comes off as calm and collected, but still one with a strong mind. She’s a very assertive persona, quick to take lead in any situations presented. Headstrong both in good and bad, she’s not easily pushed over, but she’s also very difficult to negotiate with. Due to this, while she’s quick to assume the role of a leader, she’s not too good at living up to the title. She tends to lead more with force than cooperation, as she believes she knows the best and quickly shoots down those who oppose her. Still, under the forceful attitude, she does genuinely care for those she sees as her responsibility, and wants the best for them. Sadly, her definition of “best” is based only on her own ideas, rather than the group’s as a whole, and as such she often ends up being wrong. All in all, she has good intentions, but a poor way to execute them.

Book by its cover
One of Susi’s worst flaws a very deep-rooted judgemental attitude. She’s quick to slap labels on people based on little proof, and it’s difficult to make her tear them off. The type she hates the most - and is actually bold enough to be openly spiteful towards - is the book-smart ‘mon. She doesn’t value theoretical knowledge - it’s what you can do that matters to her. This makes her very appreciative of any practical skills and displaying any of them - no matter if we’re talking about knitting or building a house - is a quick way to win her over. She values hard-working ‘mon and is ready to assist them in a heartbeat. What’s more, she’ll offer her support to anyone who’s in the same corner where she once was - feeling like they’re worthless because they cannot memorize a book by heart. She’s the one to tell you it’s not everything there is.

Work in progress
Susi used to feel inferior to others, and as a poor coping mechanism, grew a habit putting them down before they could put her down. Although she’s managed to build her self-esteem on a more secure footing nowadays, old habits unfortunately die hard. While she doesn’t go around actively barking at people, she has a nasty habit of interpreting things wrong and taking offence. While it’s rare for her to outright lose her temper, she has a nasty verbal bite even if she never once raises her voice. Underneath, she’s still dubious of her actions and their worth; after failing school, she knows she has to give the rest of what she has her all, and nothing less. She’s very hard-working and dedicated in every task she’s given, and doesn’t shy away from any responsibilities. If she gives you her word, you can be assured that she’ll keep it.

I got your back; leave mine alone
Susi is used to pulling through everything alone, and it shows in her behavior. While she doesn’t actively push people away from her - except for the ones she deems as irredeemable bookworms - she doesn’t seek out their company either. She’s very self-sufficient and practical, preferring to have a good plan of action instead of acting out on an impulse. While she can extend her hand to help others, she doesn’t expect - or even want - the gesture to be returned. In fact, she easily takes any offers of help as a suggestion that she can’t do things alone which leads to a negative reaction from her. She’s survived on her own this far - and she’s damn sure she will from this point onwards as well.

LIKES motorbikes, space, leggings, wind chimes, torchic nuggets, sunglasses, orienteering, lava lamps
DISLIKES reading, earbud headphones, holidays, hot drinks, skiing, bananas, hair spray, chocolate
FEARS drowning, thin ice


HOMETOWN ✧ Kemi, Finland
CURRENT RESIDENCE ✧ Mitakihara, Japan
FAMILY ✧ Dad (Aleksis - Gogoat), younger half-sister (Johanna - Litten), mom (Ronja - Arcanine, deceased) step-mom (Hertta - Incineroar, divorced)

Susi never got to know her biological mother well - she died in a skiing accident when Susi was just a few months short of turning two. Her father was understandably heartbroken for losing his wife so soon after their child was born, but he decided to try push through it and find a new wife as soon as possible because he felt it was important for his daughter to have a mother while growing up. He eventually re-married and he and his new wife even delivered Susi a little sister - Johanna - when she was almost four.

Susi’s father worked in the wood industry and valued nature a lot, so from the young age, Susi got used to spending time in the woods. The family often went hiking, orienteering and mountain biking together. While the joint time in the nature was great, back in home, things didn’t stay that rosy for  long. When Susi’s father had rushed to remarry, he hadn’t paid enough mind to long-time compatibility and it began to show. He was very focused on work, often working long nights and taking work home, believing that earning the next paycheck was the best way to keep his family happy. His wife didn’t appreciate feeling like she was the sole caretaker of the children - one of which wasn’t even her own - and eventually got a divorce when Susi was eight. She left both of the children in her husband’s care, not wanting to deal with reminders of such a failed marriage.

Unsurprisingly, Susi’s father was saddened by the outcome, but at least neither of his kids were toddlers anymore, so he figured they’d manage together. Even without the other parent, he had a steady income good enough to support him and the two kids. Susi’s little sister was still young - only five at the time - but Susi, being the older sister, could easily look after her when their father could not. So, what could possibly go wrong?

The answer, for Susi at least, was school. Since day one, she struggled with it. Thanks to her active lifestyle she did well in PE classes, but everything else was a difficult for her - theoretical subjects just didn’t stick to her brain, and she wasn’t very artistic or musical. Although she tried to give the other subjects her best in the beginning, she ended up only barely passing most of the time. It didn’t take long for the girl to begin losing her motivation and start feeling inferior to rest of her class, most of whom didn’t seem to struggle like she did. Her father still worked long nights and was very little help when she tried to seek emotional comfort. Added the responsibility of looking after her younger sister, Susi felt like she couldn’t bring her problems home at all. Her father didn’t listen, and her little sister couldn’t be burdened with them - and at school, the teachers just told her to try harder.

Eventually, Susi ended up taking her bad feelings out on the other kids at school. Who did they think they were, being so smart? Showing off those As and Bs? They were just nerds and bookworms! A couple other kids who struggled with school like her ended up joining her, and by the time she was nine, they had become the bullies of the class. The teachers tried to reprimand them, but the intervention didn’t go farther than a few chosen words, and they never stuck. Susi, for one, didn’t respect the teachers. Why would’ve she? They just looked down on her because she wasn’t smart like the rest of the kids!

The father stayed blissfully oblivious to his daughter’s struggles. Even though he got a few calls from the teachers, he figured they had been just a misunderstanding. The couple times he asked Susi, she just told him it had been nothing, and the father was satisfied with it. He was simply too busy to spare more thoughts on the matter, so he decided to believe his daughter. After all, why would she lie to him? She was still doing excellent job at taking care of the younger sister, too!

In truth, Susi just kept her problems bottled at home. Having grown into her role as the caretaker big sister, whenever Susi was at home, she focused on Johanna’s wellbeing instead of her own. Both mothers gone and having gotten used to only seeing her father’s back while he worked at his desk, Susi felt that her sister was the only remaining family she had a true connection to, and wanted to take care of it - and her - accordingly. Furthermore, Johanna was the one, constant source of support and validation in Susi’s life. The little sister looked up to Susi a lot, and also let it know. Even if Johanna might’ve not been aware of it, her words helped Susi to go on.

Meanwhile, in Susi’s father’s eyes, everything was fine within the family. Now that the kids were older, the father even got to introduce them to more hobbies in the nature such as quad biking and hunting. Susi enjoyed the new hobbies greatly, as they gave her time out of school and studying. She took especially to quad biking which eventually lead to her taking interest in motocross. Her father was happy to support Susi’s new interest, even if it was a tad more expensive one - it seemed to make her daughter happy, after all! Thus, for her 11th birthday, Susi got her first ever motocross bike and she took to the new hobby with gusto.

Starting motocross ended up helping Susi - she found something she was passionate about, something that even managed to momentarily take her mind off the frustration she felt with school. Even her bully behavior calmed down slightly, because she had a better way of taking out her frustration - her motorbike. However, there was a curve coming she wasn’t prepared for.

A bit after Susi turned 13, her father got a promotion and with it, a job offer from Japan. He accepted it, believing that it would give his family new opportunities to thrive. Susi got to take her motorbike with her, but it didn’t help her for long. Even though Susi’s father put both of his children into a crash course for learning Japanese before the move, just like with other theoretical subjects, Susi struggled to get past counting to ten and introducing herself.

With the new language barrier, school time become more difficult and worse than ever for Susi and her old bully habits returned fast. Unfortunately for her, it quickly became clear that her new school - Mitakihara - wasn’t as lenient with bullying as her old school had been. She faced detention, several stricter talking-tos, and even the calls her father got started making it through to him. Feeling cornered, she kept lashing out - and finally went too far, getting herself expelled at the age of 14.

Her father, confused by his daughter’s seemingly sudden downfall, didn’t know what else to do than take away her motorbike for time being. Maybe she had simply gotten too carried away with it, and needed to focus more on school once she’d return to studying. He firmly believed they could appeal to the to the school governors and sort the situation out.

Susi, however, was having none of her father’s plans. She didn’t care so much about getting expelled, but losing her bike? The one good thing in her life? She was furious and miserable! She screamed it all at her father, cursing him for being so goddamn blind and stupid, and never truly being in her or her sisters’ lives. He only cared about his goddamn work and thought money would make everything okay! Her father, completely stunned by her outburst, couldn’t to anything as Susi stormed out, slamming the door shut behind her. Following her old habits, Susi ran to the small patch of woods nearby, hoping the good old nature could give her at least some comfort while she sat down on a tree stump and let angry tears run down her face.

She didn’t expect the comfort to come in the form of an odd-looking Sylveon who appeared from the bushes and offered her a wish. Still feeling furious and betrayed by her father, the choice was easy for Susi-

“I wish I could beat some sense into his thick skull!”

The wish was no problem for Kyubey. When Susi eventually snuck back home well past midnight, her father was waiting for her. He apologized deeply for being so blind at her struggles, and promised to be more present in her and her sister’s lives from that point onwards. He’d even return Susi’s motorbike since the hobby was clearly dear to her, and after that they could together figure out how to get her back to school.

Susi was undeniably surprised, but accepted the apology nonetheless, if not just to get her bike back. However, she refused to return to school. It had given her nothing but grief, and she’d rather dedicate her life to motocross instead. Her father was a little hesitant at first, but ended up agreeing with her plans and told her he’d support her no matter what. He didn’t want to make her any more miserable than what he had already accidentally done.

Thus, Susi waved school a permanent goodbye and dedicated her life for getting better at her bike, setting her eyes at becoming a professional. On the side, she had her new Magical responsibilities to take care of which was easy enough to balance in her life with no school getting in the way. Furthermore, now that her father was more present at home, Susi was also able to get more breathing room from looking after Johanna. Thus, Susi took to fighting Witches with gusto - physical work was what she had always been best at, after all.


Susi evolved into Arcanine shortly after making her wish. She had wanted to evolve for a long time, but her father initially pressured her to wait until she was 18 and refused to buy a Fire Stone for her. Once he finally started listening to her more, she got a permission to get a stone and used it right away.
Does motocross (Class B) and freestyle motocross aiming to become a professional. Nowadays she’s grown more into FMX, though, and has begun dreaming of becoming a motorcycle stunt driver in the future.
Also has a youtube channel where she posts videos of herself motocrossing. It's relatively popular within motocross circles and has been steadily gaining more following even outside of the immediate target group after she made her wish and became able to dedicate more time for it.
Inherited her folded ears, light sock markings and reddish fur color from her mother’s side, namely her maternal grandfather who was a Night Form Lycanroc. Her eye color, on the other hand, comes from his father’s side.
Susi’s relationship with her father is still somewhat strained. While she’s happy with her wish and his new attitude, she obviously hasn’t forgotten the years of neglect and still hasn’t completely forgiven him for them, and it’s difficult for her to accept his care wholeheartedly. She tries to go along with it still, though - if not just to give her little sister a better family environment.
Susi has been a Magical for roughly two years now. While she’s not generally against teaming up, she tends to work solo most of the time and because of it, isn’t too well-known in the Magical circles despite being around for a longer time.
Thanks to Kyubey’s translation magic, Susi now does better with Japanese in spoken conversations, but written Japanese still causes her major struggles and she often asks her sister - who grasped the language way better than her - for translation help.
Susi was taught English in school both before and after moving to Japan, and nowadays her skills stay up thanks to using it in international motocross circles and online. Even without Kyubey's translation magic, she can hold a decent conversation in English, although her vocalbulary is limited and her accent is very noticeable. She also reads English pretty well, but her written English is clumsier.
The helmet in Susi’s magical outfit is purely aesthetical - it allows no extra protection, nor does it hinder speech as much as a real deal would do.


Tikari, "Tii"

Gender ✧ Female
Pokémon ✧ Anorith
Ability ✧ Battle Armor
[Normal] Scratch ✧ [Normal] Harden ✧ [Water] Water Gun ✧ [Steel] Metal Claw

Manala, "Mana"

Gender ✧ Female
Pokémon ✧ Krookodile
Ability ✧ Anger PointHA
[Normal] Leer ✧ [Dark] Bite ✧ [Ground] Sand Tomb ✧ [Dark] Assurance



Gender Female
Pokémon Seviper
Witch Clio, The Everknowing Witch
Power "Sirpaloitu" | Glass transformation

8th May -18: 2nd weapon, power upgrades, two pets added
26th Mar -18: smol design tweak
13th Mar -18: new powah
6th Feb -18: snake, snake, oh it's a snake
15th Dec -17: she cometh

Arcanine / Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Susi & art (c) me

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