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P-P: Meet Kaamos by Derekari P-P: Meet Kaamos by Derekari

Name ✧ Kaamos
Gender ✧ female
Pokémon ✧ 336 Seviper ( Familiar )

Witch ✧ Clio, The Everknowing Witch

Power ✧ "Sirpaloitu" | Glass transformation
Kaamos possessess venom which is capable of turning any material - living or otherwise - into glass. The venom is secreted over her fangs and tail blade at will, and she's also capable of spitting it up to 6 feet away, albeit not too accurately.
Against living targets, the venom works the best if it gets into bloodstream through a bite or a slash from her tail, or if the spat venom hits a mucous membrane or an already open wound. The transformation to glass starts from the wound and spreads outwards from there. Just like with normal snake venom, the venom will spread faster if the victim is agitated, and vice versa. The tranformation is painful, immobilizing and becomes life-threatening if it reaches vital organs.
If the venom has no access to bloodstream or mucous membrane, it cannot spread and it will effect only the outermost layers of skin of the area that came in contact with the venom. While it's still painful, it doesn't immobilize nearly as much and cannot be lethal.
Kaamos can hold up to 120mL/4oz of venom in reserve. She can either use all of her venom in one go, or a portion at a time. A full dose in bloodstream can turn a strong familiar completely into glass, while a weak familiar can be turned with 15-30mL/0.5-1oz depending on its size. Smaller amounts can be used for lesser effects. Against witches, a full doze can create a weak spot roughly 30cm/1ft in diameter and smaller amounts have virtually no effect at all.
Kaamos' venom works on other Magicals, but it's notably weaker against them. Even at a full dose, the most harm Kaamos could do to a magical is turning one limb into glass. The magicals' healing ability is also capable of neutralizing the venom, leading to the effected area slowly returning to normal. The smaller the area, the quicker the healing; a whole limb would be back to normal roughly in an hour.
When used on non-living targets, the venom effects only the area it can cover. It's more effective against soft materials such as cloth or wood which allow it to seep into the material. While the venom can affect items outside of witches' labyrints as well, it has to be used with caution to avoid exposing the magical world to non-magicals.
Replenishing 1oz of used venom takes roughly an hour.

Nature ✧ Bold
Characteristic ✧ Proud of its power
Friendliness isn't Kaamos' strongest virtue. Just like her owner, she tends to be bossy and doesn't always play nice with other ferals, although she never directly attacks them unless ordered to. She's not a mean snake to the core, though. In truth, a lot of her behavior stems from her highly admiring Susi and wanting to impress her. Kaamos always follows Susi's orders to a tee, and if nothing has been said, the Seviper simply does what she thinks Susi will appreciate. Most of the time, this boils down to mimicking how Susi acts - both in good and bad.

When hurt, Kaamos cracks like glass. It's possible for her to completely shatter if she's hurt bardly enough, but with enough time - roughly a day or so - the pieces will re-connect and she'll reform and return to Susi.
Petting Kaamos is possible, but ill-advised as doing it carelessly may end up in a nasty cut. Her scales resemble glass shards and have sharp edges.
Flat color reference

Owner Susi

Seviper / Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Kaamos & art (c) me
Sir-Pudge Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What a pretty snake noodle~ 
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