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P-P: Dominik Faust by Derekari P-P: Dominik Faust by Derekari

Heart chart | Ask meme

B A S I C S 

NAME  Dominik Hideyoshi Faust
AGE 18
BIRTHDAY January 23rd ( ♒ )
GENDER  male

HEIGHT 168 cm ~ 5’6”
WEIGHT  62 kg ~ 139 lbs


SPECIES Espeon ✩
ABILITY Magic Bounce ( HA - Reflects status moves, instead of getting hit by them )

[Normal] Endure (Egg move) | The user endures any attack with at least 1 HP. Its chance of failing rises if it is used in succession.
[Psychic] Psybeam | The target is attacked with a peculiar ray. This may also leave the target confused.
[Fairy] Dazzling Gleam (TM1) | The user damages opposing Pokémon by emitting a powerful flash.
[Normal] Hyper Beam (TM2) | The target is attacked with a powerful beam. The user can't move on the next turn.

+ [Normal] Morning Sun | The user restores its own HP. The amount of HP regained varies with the weather.

    1, 2 Dominik bought the TMs himself for quite superficial reasons; he simply wanted moves he could show off with.

Dazzling Gleam ➡ Twinkle Tackle | The user creates a very charming space using its Z-Power and totally toys with the target.

M A H O U   S T A T S 

WISH “I wish my parents would let me do what I want!”
Sick and tired of living his life in accordance to his parents’ will, Dominik wished to be free of their figurative leash. Surely enough, his parents had a change of heart; nowadays they don’t care to tell Dominik what to do at all, nor do they have anything to say about whatever he does.

SOUL GEM Blue | located on the back of his neck |


I. "Drachenseele" | Three-section staff | T3
The three-section staff is a highly versatile weapon, allowing Dominik quite a free range to choose what he wants to do with it starting from simple strikes and ending with using it in a whip-like manner. At medium and long ranges, however, it becomes more difficult to control precisely.
Can be converted into a solid staff.
Length 7’3” ft (sectioned form) / 6 ft (staff form)
Ability I - Stun
As if the staff was a stun baton, Dominik can charge it up and use it to deliver a paralyzing electric shock with the next blow that connects with a target.
After the charge has been released, it takes 30 seconds for it to charge up again.
The more powerful the foe is, the shorter the paralyzing effect is. Familiars can be paralyzed up to 10 seconds, while witches can be completely immune to the paralyzing effect unless they’re already significantly weakened.
Ability II - Area Stun
Instead of using the staff’s electric charge against a single opponent, Dominik can strike the ground with the staff and release the charge in a circular wave.
All enemies within 10 feet will get shocked, but the more enemies there are, the weaker the paralyzing effect will be. If there are more than five enemies within range, the current will be too weak to paralyze anymore.
The enemies have to be touching the ground for the stun to take effect.
Cooldown is 30 seconds, just like with the normal stun.
Ability III - Lightning Rod
In a pinch, Dominik can hold the staff up towards the sky to call down a bolt of lightning. Once it strikes the ground, it causes a powerful shockwave that blows nearby enemies back and has a chance of electrocuting ones right next to him.
Only one use per instance.

II. "Urknall" | Grenade Launcher | T1
Fires explosive projectiles of highly condensed magical energy which are capable of dealing heavy damage with a direct hit, and lesser damage within the blast radius. A direct hit is capable of killing most familiars with one shot.
The projectiles materialize in the launcher at the starting rate of two per minute. Once the shots have materialized, they can be fired in rapid succession or one at a time.
The launcher cannot hold more than two shots in it at any given time. A new projectile won’t begin forming before there’s free room.
The maximum range is roughly 300 feet and the effective blast radius is 15 feet. Dominik obviously needs to be farther away himself when firing or he risks getting severely injured himself.

ITEM Shell Bell | around neck
Restores health slowly when Dominik keeps attacking the enemy.

POWERS Allow Dominik to act with less restrictions from others around him.

I. "Abgefahren" | Invisibility | T2 | Starting power
Turns Dominik invisible for varied lengths of time. If Dominik just moves around while invisible, he can keep it up for 3 minutes maximum, although it will severely drain him. Attacking or receiving damage breaks the cloak immediately.
Dominik can hide himself only from 1-3 enemies at a time; the rest will still be able to see him normally. The power doesn’t affect other Magicals or Kyubey.
Although Dominik cannot be seen, he’s still tangible, making him vulnerable to any lucky shots or any wide-range harm coming his way.

II. "Schadenfreude" | Damage Bounce | T3 | Changed starting power
Dominik creates an invisible barrier around himself which bounces back any attacks aimed at him, causing the attacker suffer the power of their attack instead.
The barrier stays in place for 20 seconds or until three heavy blows of several lighter ones are bounced off it. The more attacks are bounced within the 20 seconds, the longer the cooldown will be, up to maximum of 60 seconds.
Can be used 3 times per instance.

II. "Luftschloss" | Air Dash | T3 | Unlocked through levels
Gives Dominik a speed/jump boost which lets him quickly cover a distance by leaping either horizontally or vertically.
Maximum distance vertically is 15 feet. Horizontally, 25 feet.
The cooldown after a singular dash is 20 seconds, but Dominik has an option to ignore the cooldown to chain up to three dashes together. Doing this, however, causes the ignored cooldowns to stack up - thus, chaining three dashes causes a cooldown of 60 seconds.
When landing after using the power, Dominik can cause a shockwave that staggers enemies within 6 feet from him. Landing on top of an enemy can injure them, but only if they’re roughly his size or smaller.
Dominik can use up to 9 separate dashes - or three chains of three - per instance.


NATURE Bold ( Defense +, Attack - )
CHARACTERISTIC Somewhat stubborn

social | open-minded | optimist | confident | free spirited | thrill seeker | pushy | foolhardy | stubborn

Hey, listen!
Dominik is a difficult ‘mon to miss, for he has a tendency to make his presence known. The exact opposite of a wallflower, he wants to be at the epicenter of action at all times. He doesn’t necessarily need all attention on himself per se, but if it is, it’s a welcome plus. He greatly enjoys having company and isn’t too picky about it - whether you’re a stranger or a friend, you’re still getting a smile from him. Armed with a good sense of humor and an open mind, he’s quite easy to get along with. However, if you’re the type to value your personal space and calm company, there’s a fair chance he’ll start to get on your nerves sooner or later. He’s always moving, always talking, and always trying to drag you along with him to have some fun. It's not rare that he steps over a personal boundary or two while doing so and if he does, he has hard time understanding what he did wrong.

What’s a ‘puh-lan’?
A lot of Dominik’s seemingly neverending energy stems from a need to finally live his life freely and make it truly his. He’s doing everything in his power to make up for the time he believes he lost living in accordance to someone else’s will. Trying out new things doesn’t scare him - quite the opposite. He’ll taste that unfamiliar dish and ride that new and scary rollercoaster any time of the day! Unfortunately, in his eagerness to live and experience life, he often forgets to plan ahead. Hunting momentary thrills drives him and he tends to run head first into doing stupid and potentially risky things just because he can. Sure, he’ll head to that shady part of town in the middle of the night. What’s the worst that could possibly happen?!

Double negative makes a plus
Unsurprisingly, Dominik’s antics backfire on him quite often. It does little to slow him down, though - he’s an optimist through and through, and will find a silver lining even in the darkest storm clouds. Even if something he tries ends up failing, hey, at least he had a new experience! He has great faith in himself and believes he can reach new heights as long as he keeps trying. While pushing on, he’ll also gladly lend a hand to anyone who might need it and especially to those he considers his friends. His motto on life is ’follow your dreams’, and if you have a dream you want to reach, he’ll be there to fuel to your fire!

I’m never wrong
Being the free spirit he is, putting Dominik into a foul mood is a task easier said than done. However, he does have his limits and the most prominent of them is being opposed. He cannot stand anyone standing in his way or questioning him. If you disagree with his ways, he’s quickly to lash out and tell you where you can shove it. He absolutely refuses to listen to any sort of criticism, even if doing so would definitely benefit him at times. However he chooses to live his life is none of your business; if you have a problem with it, you can kindly scram. Fortunately, he at least isn’t a hypocrite in his stubborn ways. He won’t be telling you how to live your life or force you to dance to his beat. If you don’t want to run with him, that’s okay - but Arceus have mercy on you if you try to stop him from running.

LIKES caffeinated products, learning useless trivia, ball games, scratches, swimming, dumb reality shows, kaleidoscopes
DISLIKES honey, queues, old ‘mon, long car rides, Math, socks
FEARS dentists, being restrained (physically and mentally), needles


HOMETOWN Munich, Germany / Kobe, Japan
NATIONALITY German-Japanese (dual citizenship)
FAMILY mother (Noriko Faust - Sylveon), father (Benedikt Faust - Mega Lopunny) | in Germany

Dominik was born in Japan to an interracial couple. When he was three, the family moved back to his father’s homeland of Germany. Both of his parents held dual citizenships, and Dominik got one as well. He spent most of his childhood in Germany, but after he started school, the family started traveling more and more between their two home countries. Dominik went to school in Germany, but most of the vacations were spent in Japan. Such a life brought its own challenges, but Dominik adapted well - having started traveling at such a young age, it became the norm to him.

From Dominik’s perspective, life was good. His parents were always there guiding and supporting him. Early on, they told Dominik that he should become a lawyer: a respectable job with good pay. They also told him which hobbies were smart choices. Soccer was a no-go, but playing a violin was sophisticated. His parents even told him who he should befriend and who not - some kids were simply bad influence. All this, Dominik thought, his parents did because they cared for him.

However, after turning 13 and thus reaching his teenage years, Dominik slowly started to realize something was wrong.

Whenever he was asked why he wanted to become a lawyer or why he had started to play the violin, he had no other answer than ’I was told to’. Meanwhile, the other kids spoke about dreams and topics that interested them. At first Dominik was confused, then he grew distressed. He had been sure he had wanted everything he had done so far, but once he sat back to think about it, he realized he had no personal reasons behind his life choices. Everywhere he looked, he saw structures his parents had built.

Once high school started, Dominik was mentally torn beyond belief. He wasn’t sure what his discoveries meant or what he should do with them. He started subtly going behind his parents’ backs, trying out new things in secret. It didn’t take long for him to discover how much he had missed and how much he had been denied over the years. While it was exciting, it also added to his mental burden. The more time he spent outside the box his parents had made for him, the more returning to it felt like going into a prison.

Needless to say, when Dominik got accepted for a year long student exchange in Japan at the end of his sophomore year in high school, he was exhilarated. The high school he would go in Japan to was in a different city - Mitakihara - than his family's Japanese residence was, so he would be staying with a host family. Meaning, he would be far away from his parents’ limitations. The overflowing joy he felt was great enough to trigger an evolution into Espeon.

Dominik started his exchange period with a full charge of positive energy. His host family welcomed him warmly and thanks to his fluent Japanese, getting along with his new class mates wasn't too hard. Of course some had their doubts about an exchange student, but Dominik simply chose to ignore them and focus on the others. The different school system took some getting used to, but after a few weeks everything was running smoothly.

The exchange period turned out to be the breath of fresh air Dominik needed to finally make up his mind. He would advocate for himself and let his parents know what he wanted to do. Granted, he didn’t know what exactly it was, but he did know one thing - he didn’t want to become a lawyer. He’d find a better career, something that actually excited and interested him. Roughly halfway through the exchange period, Dominik had gathered enough courage to finally call his parents to tell the news. He was hopeful and a bit excited - his parents had supported him this far, surely they’d be understanding of his new plans?

Unfortunately, Dominik was dead wrong. At first his words got brushed off as nonsense, but after he kept on insisting on them, the call evolved into a huge fight. He got blamed for betraying his parents, being ungrateful and selfish. They flat out told him to ditch his foolish plans because they would never support them.

The call left Dominik shaken and in tears. He felt angry and betrayed, possibly worse than he had ever felt…

It was then that he saw a curious-looking Sylveon sitting on his window sill. What was even more curious was an offer the creature brought: a wish. Dominik didn’t need to think about it much: he wanted his parents to back off for good. Kyubey worked his magic, and almost immediately Dominik got a call from his parents. They said they had over-reacted and that Dominik was free to do whatever he wanted with his life.

Dominik would put the permission in good use - starting from his new Magical adventures.

The newly gained freedom tasted sweet and Dominik faced even the magical responsibilities with excitement. He was high on life, and wanted nothing more than to keep the good feeling going - but there was a problem standing in his way. His exchange period wouldn't last forever, and after it, he was supposed to return to Germany. To his so-called family. Frankly, the idea appalled Dominik, so he decided to apply to transfer to Mitakihara permanently and finish high school there. The plan posed a couple challenges, however. Hellish paperwork was a given, but would he live? He couldn’t stay with his host family forever!

The solution came from a surprising angle. One day in school, Dominik crossed paths with a familiar looking Litleo who turned out to be his cousin - Takeo Ryu - who Dominik hadn't seen in almost ten years. It was a weird and unexpected reunion, but a happy one as well. Despite the bitter feelings Dominik held towards his parents, he remembered Ryu fondly from the times they used to play together as kids whenever Dominik's family had visited Japan. Dominik wasn’t sure why the visits had stopped - one summer they just hadn’t headed to Takeo’s anymore, and any questions about it were brushed off. Eventually there had been a demand to stop asking at all, so Dominik - back then still dutifully following his parents’ wishes - had complied.

But now there was nothing to stop Dominik from asking - so he did. Ryu was about as clueless as he was, but Ryu’s father - Dominik’s uncle - was able and willing to fill in the gaps. Through him, Dominik learned that Ryu's mother had passed away, and after that, Ryu's father simply hadn't felt up to meeting anyone, let alone his sister - Dominik's mother - with whom he had been quite estranged to begin with.

Needless to say, Dominik was shocked - although most of the shock came from learning that his uncle disliked his mother just like he did. Because of it, Dominik admitted that his relationship with his parents had turned ugly as well and that he didn't want to return to Germany. His uncle understood well - and went on to surprise Dominik by inviting him to live with him and Ryu. They had a bedroom to spare, and Dominik's uncle was also ready to help him get all the necessary paperwork sorted out so that he could stay.

Dominik saw no reason to decline - and thus, once his exchange program ran out, he bid farewells to his host family and moved in with his uncle and Ryu. After moving in, Dominik began his 3rd and final year in Mitakihara High School now as an official student instead of a transfer student.

What he didn’t expect was Ryu to join the magical ranks just like him.


Fluent in both German and Japanese thanks to both of them having been used in his family. His English is also very good, thanks to starting to learn it early on in school in Germany.
Quite skilled at playing the violin, but he hasn't touched it in a while due to bad associations.
Like many other Espeon, Dominik has a knack of guessing what the weather will be like. He’s not infallible, though, and the inklings he gets come at random - he cannot will one to happen.
The gem on his forehead glows whenever he’s experiencing intense emotions.
Has rectractable claws like most cats.
Inherited his black sclera, ear tufts and light sock patterns from his Mega Lopunny father.
Currently a 3rd year student in Mitakihara High School, and graduating soon. He’s not yet sure what he wants to do after graduating, and is currently planning to hold a gap year to weigh his options. His uncle is fully supporting his decision and trying to help Dominik find a career he’d want to pursue.
Although Dominik is not living with his original host family anymore, he still visits them from time to time.
Dominik hasn't been in much contact with his parents after making his wish, despite the change it caused in them. Dominik still resents them for their past behavior, and isn't yearning to see them anytime soon again. Thanks to Kyubey, his parents see no problem with it.
Dominik is aware that Ryu is a magical like him and vice versa. After Ryu made his wish, all it took was for him to see Dominik’s familiar Kirakira for the secret to be out.


Molotov Cocktail, "Molly"

Gender Female
Pokémon Quilava ✩
Ability Blaze
[Normal] Leer [Normal] Smokescreen [Fire] Ember [Normal] Quick Attack

Ferdinand, "Tomo"

Gender Male
Pokémon Milotic ✩
Ability Marvel Scale
[Normal] Wrap [Normal] Refresh [Water] Water Pulse [Water] Surf (TM)


Kirakira, "Kira"

Gender Male
Pokémon Spiritomb
Witch Uhrmann, The Canine Witch
Power "Niedershlag" | Seizing

May 8th -18: weapon tier upgrade, power upgrades
Mar 17th -18: history update, extra updates
Feb 3rd -18: happy late bd
Feb 3rd -18: glitter catastrophe familiar joins the team.
Dec 12th -17: 5th move
Dec 8th -17: 2nd weapon added
Dec 4th -17: minor design tweaks in app art
Oct 23rd -17: 3rd Power added
Oct 22nd -17: Another pet + Soul Gem meme added
12th Apr -17: Dom got a pet
30th Jan -17: he's here

Espeon / Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Dominik & art (c) me
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