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P-NO: There is no 'I' [Side 1] // Playlist by Derekari P-NO: There is no 'I' [Side 1] // Playlist by Derekari
[[ WV: Clyde ]]

"... in team"

[Side 1]

[ Listen here ]

I. Masterplan - Wounds
I have walked this road before
So hard to find unopened doors
Lost my way but I have to stay for a while
I'll be searching for more

And my wounds are real
I must rise from the sorrow
And find my way out of the dark

II. Chaotica - Unstable
It's okay if I'm a bit unstable
I've been doing just fine on my own
I don't care if I am in denial
It's a mild syndrome

III. Blue Stahli - Metamorphosis
Something's changing
Re-arranging me
Just beginning
My own surgery

IV. SR-71 - Tomorrow
I'm not afraid of tomorrow
I'm only scared of myself
Feels like my insides are all on fire
And I'm looking through the eyes of someone else

V. 10 Years - Waking Up The Ghost
Now I'm afraid that I
Am waking up the ghost
Not digging up the memories
That were dead to me (dead to me)
Now, now I'm getting close
Closer to the enemy
That's inside of me (inside of me)

VI. Get Scared - Start To Fall
Devils come out at night.
In the form of people that I love
They said I'm not enough
Well factual this has become into
Something so understandable
So understandable
Help me out
Tell me how can I can take everything inside

VII. CellDweller - Fadeaway
Tangled in my imperfections - on the way down - fadeaway
Don't hate me now
They've torn away the ground from under me
Right after they were reassured that I believed
Normality is not a word I understand at all
I set myself up for the fall (fadeaway)
Withdrawing deep into the hole (fadeaway)
This isolated little hell leaves me cold and faded

VIII. Hoobastank - Out Of Control
I've done everything as you say
I've followed your rules without question
I thought it'd would help me see things clearly

But instead of helping me to see
I look around and it's like I'm blinded

IX. Hoobastank - The Fallen
Realize in a moment my ambition is a curse
'Cause it hides all the best in me, but shows the worst
How'd I fall so far, now no one can find me
How'd I fall so far, now no one can find me
There's nothing behind me, to take me back to start
Can someone remind me, of who that I used to be?

X. Five Finger Death Punch - My Own Hell
Inside I'm a danger to myself
I'm a danger to myself
Inside I'm a prisoner of my own hell
My own hell

XI. Disturbed - The Curse
I've held on too long just to let it go now
Will my inner strength get me through it some how?
Defying the curse that has taken hold
Never surrender, I'll never be overcome

XII. Circle Of Dust - Rational Lies
In my time of weakness is when I see your strength displayed
Screaming silently tickling my ear
Lie! I know who you really are!
And I see your hatred masked behind your smile

Get out of my head leave me alone
You're no longer welcome here
A voice so sweet with words that kill
A wicked whisper in my ear

[Side 2]

Clyde "Legion" & art (c) me
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