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P-NO: Maximilian Jacobson by Derekari P-NO: Maximilian Jacobson by Derekari

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[ Mask Holder ]

" Bell was the kind of man who had no real friends and instead relied  on maintaining a network of acquaintances whose shared agendas were based on financial reward rather than personal enrichment. "
Joe Ledger: Kill Switch p.22-23


NAME Deacon Maximilian Cesare Jacobson
AGE 40
BIRTHDAY November 14th ( ♏ )

HEIGHT 180 cm ~ 5'11"
WEIGHT 78 kg ~ 172 lbs


RESIDENCE Opelucid City, Unova
OCCUPATION Hospital CBO, owner of a pharmaceutical company


social | diligent | steadfast | confident | systematic | unempathetic | selfish | demanding | vindictive

Pleasure is all mine
If you meet Maximilian briefly, you will probably walk out of the interaction with a good impression. He’s learned to always keep his doors open for people and do his best to stay in everybody's good books, so he greets everyone with open arms and a smile bright enough to put the sun to shame. There is no fear that he’ll become intrusive, though - he’s quite good at reading people and usually knows when it’s better to give someone room to breathe instead of striking up chit-chat. He’s social, but not overly so, and generally speaking getting along with him is rather easy. At least if you don’t plan on sticking around.

What's your worth
Behind Maximilian's cover boy smile lies a cold and calculative mind. He doesn't befriend people because he likes them or their company - it's simply a matter of building a connections network that may assist him in his life later on. The moment Maximilian meets someone, he begins evaluating them and the chances they might profit him. If you get good points, congrats, you will probably keep your good impression of him. Connections have gotten him where he is, so whenever he finds a new promising link, he’ll want to keep said link close and set aside a generous amount of time and energy for it. If you score low, however, the initial warmth will quickly drain out of his behavior. He is rarely outright rude towards anyone, aiming to maintain a good reputation in everybody’s eyes, but he has mastered the skill of snide comments and ignoring people with a smile. You said something? Oh, pardon, he didn't quite hear you.

It's just business
Maximilian’s whole life has revolved around being successful and it has admittedly distorted his world view. To him, life is all about getting on top, staying on top and making profit. Even other people are nothing but numbers of monetary value rather than living beings - and thus, he spares very little empathy for them. If you're in a tight spot, the chances are it's completely your own fault, so why should he care? Besides, he’s very busy looking after the number one. The only reason Maximilian would ever help someone out would be that he thinks it will notably profit him later on. There are no acts of pure good will with him; he always expects to be paid back for his efforts and his interest rates are sky high.

Sharpedo in a suit
While Maximilian’s business-oriented mind makes him a lousy friend, it does serve him well in work life. Everything he does, he wants to do well which makes him a very effective and diligent worker. He also has a good eye for organization and knows what strings to pull to make things run smoothly. On the flipside, he has very little tolerance of low-quality performance, so if you’re working with him you better make sure you match - or preferably exceed - his expectations. Shortcomings or giving up are not options in Maximilian’s world. While he is generally a quite composed and patient man, his patience starts thinning out fast when work is done poorly. Personally, failures only make him try that much harder to achieve the wanted result - and if you want to give up, he’ll gladly walk over you.

Living large
Maximilian works hard, but he takes free time seriously too. He has one near-death experience behind him, and whether he admits it or not, it has left its mark on him. While professional therapy has helped him to get over the worst trauma, the thought of his life possibly ending prematurely still haunts him. He keeps the ghosts at bay by living his life to the fullest and making a big deal about himself. Mortality is a scary thing, so he drowns it underneath an overflowing ego. He knows he’s a successful man and it makes him confident; at times, overly so. It’s not too difficult to sense an aura of self-importance around the man. He’s used to winning and having his way which, combined to his sense of success, has grown into a belief that he has the rights to do basically whatever he wants. He isn’t afraid of bending the law a bit to get to his goal - at least as long as he’ll surely get away with it.

Resent and remember
Maximilian's biggest flaw is vindictiveness. If someone wrongs him or doesn't pay back a favor he so generously did for them, it will be eating him until he gets even. To make matters worse, he has a bad habit of going to ridiculous lengths to get his payback. His relentless nature shines through here too: time, effort and money matter very little to him when it's about getting even. While Maximilian is not a man in favor of physical violence, you better believe he knows how to make your life hell without breaking your bones. Blackmailing, defaming and gossip are some of his favorite tools.

LIKES wealth, reptile Pokemon, himself, billiard, dancing, traveling, domino shows
DISLIKES competition, humid weather, Pokemon hair, baths, wine gum candy, boats, nicknames
FEARS loss of success/wealth, dying, butterfly-like 'mon


tl;dr Had demanding parents, had a life-threatening accident, recovered, finished his studies and got a job, found his first Mask.

Maximilian learned early that love is always conditional. Both of his parents - successful businesspeople with six-figure incomes - were more interested in raising a successor than raising a child. The tools they used were mostly materialistic; for example, if Maximilian did well in studies, he was showered with gifts and praise. Similarly, if he failed to live up to his parents’ expectations, he was in for scolding and a notable cut in his allowance. While Maximilian didn’t quite grasp the verbal lectures as a kid, the reward-punishment system was easy even for a child to understand. He learned to follow his parents’ teachings and to bring home only top grades. Admittedly it was stressful, but the rewards made it worth it. The boy developed a taste for success.

While Maximilian’s parents were focused on his future career, they didn’t pay as much mind to his social life. They made sure that Maximilian knew how to associate with people to keep up a proper imago and build useful connections, but making real friends or learning compassion wasn’t so high on the priority list. Not only would’ve friends been a distraction, but his parents also wanted to make sure their son only got close to people who matched their family’s status. Every connection was purely about business - a new face equaled a possible future investment. Maximilian took his parents’ teachings to his heart and grew to see people as numbers first, humans second.

When it was time to pick a career path, Maximilian decided to follow his parents’ footsteps to the business world and started working towards Master of Business Administration. Putting his full focus on studying, he got his Bachelors as planned and was looking at getting his Masters out in an accelerated rate. The plan came to an abrupt halt, however, when one night a speeding car crashed to the side of Maximilian’s own. Both him and the other driver survived, but ended up into a hospital in a critical condition. The near death experience left Maximilian deeply disturbed - up to that point, he had lived a very secure life, always on the top of the game, close to feeling invincible. Now that feeling had been torn away from him, and for the first time in his life, he felt truly vulnerable.

Maximilian’s parents were furious over the incident. They made sure that Maximilian got the best possible care, then went on to sue the driver of the speeding car. Hiring the best lawyers money could get, they won the case with ease and Maximilian got a hefty sum of money as compensation. He recovered well and was eventually released from the hospital, but when he was supposed to get on his family’s car, a new problem surfaced. Maximilian absolutely refused to go anywhere near the car, let alone travel anywhere by it, deathly afraid that he’d end up in another car crash. Even having to walk on the side of a busy road caused him crippling fits of anxiety. To help him get over his evident trauma, he got a referral to therapy and began frequent appointments in a psychiatrist's office. Further help came in form of a Tyrantrum which was purchased to act as land-transportation for Maximilian until he was comfortable with cars again. Being on top of the heavy-built lizard made him feel secure enough to move around, allowing him to return to his interrupted studies.

Getting back to studying notably helped Maximilian’s recovery process, as it put him back to a routine he was well accustomed to. He started feeling like his old self again, pouring his focus into working towards his goal. By the time he was 25, he had his Masters degree and moved to work life. Soon after he finished his therapy as well; although he still held slight apprehension towards traveling by car, it didn’t extend into a problem bigger than minor discomfort.

Years rolled by, and through hard work and using the leverage of the connections Maximilian and his family had built over time, he eventually made his way into a CBO of a local hospital. Overall, he was content in life; at only 30 years of age, he had a top tier job and a pay check worth boasting about. However, under the surface, he still had a thirst for more - he just didn’t know what. He found his answer through his job when he noticed how much money circled around medicine. It was an instant click in his head; drugs were a necessity for tons of people. If he managed to get his foot between the right door, it could be an easy path to netting millions, if not even billions.

After his discovery, Maximilian still held onto his position as a CBO, but began investing in pharmaceutical industries on the side. He started small, testing the waters by funding some drug research projects with money he wouldn’t miss. It still brought him good reputation in the field, and he didn’t hesitate taking advantage of it, knowing it’d open him doors later. He started building himself into sort of a benefactor figure in the circles; he lied about his true motives and claimed he only wanted to help people, even going as far as using his own recovery story for leverage. On the side, he also started studying part-time and taking online classes on subjects such as biochemistry, pharmaceutics and biomolecular engineering to better understand the world of medicine and functions of drug development.

Maximilian’s work and studies got briefly interrupted when a wave of calamities shook the earth after a peculiar meteor shower. Although therapy had helped him over his worst fear of death, he was still glad to spent the time in a private bunker his family owned. Once the situation calmed down, he returned to his work and studies with ever-growing motivation. Now that the world was in shreds, the demand for different drugs was higher than ever - he needed to get in the business! After some more studying and getting a Masters in Chemical and Biomolecular engineering, he felt like he had enough stripes on his sleeve and moved from simply funding pharmaceutical research to buying an entire pharmaceutical company under his name. With it, and the position of CBO he still held at the hospital, he felt like the king of the world.

But he couldn’t help wondering… could he still achieve more?

After a horrid heatwave (Event V) had kept Maximilian’s hospital more than busy, he took a trip to the Sevii Islands for a well-earned vacation. While strolling on a beach, his foot happened to kick an item - a shiny Charizard Mask - out of the sand. At first he was about to ignore it as some kid’s forgotten toy, but then something tempted him to try it on. Once he did, he felt powerful in a way he never had before - and damn if he didn’t like it.

After growing curious about the possibility of possessing more than one Mask, Maximilian headed to meet the Missing Mask Merchant to see if they had any interesting Masks to offer. A Cofagrigus Mask caught Maximilian's eye immediately, for it shone like gold and seemed to have two rubies as its eyes. He instantly knew that he had to have the Mask; maybe it was the familiar itch he had felt also with his first Mask, maybe it was that he had always had an eye for shiny things... or maybe it was both.


Only his family calls him Deacon. He doesn't use his real first name anywhere else, always introducing himself as Maximilian.
Works full-time as CBO in a local hospital, while his pharmaceutical company is more of a side-job as it runs well even without his constant presence. He visits the company roughly bi-weekly to check up on things, otherwise leaving the administration work to people he’s hired.
Still keeps studying the drug development field on his free time. Although he has no interest in research himself, he wants to know and understand what's going on in his company.
Is also working on a business doctorate on the side.
Has a really strong grasp on languages and learns them easily. On top of English, he speaks Italian and Spanish fluently, can hold a decent conversation in German, Mandarin and Russian, and knows bits and pieces of Arabic and Latin.

P O K É M O N  T E A M

Maximilian has bought all of his Pokémon from breeders (some less respectable than others). They're basically all made to order for him.
In Maximilian's opinion, 'mon are things meant to be used and he treats them as such. He isn't too interest in battling, mostly using his 'mon to make his life easier for himself.

(Mega Y) Charizard | male | Hardy | Blaze / (Drought)
[ Flying ] Fly (TM) - [ Fire ] Flamethrower - [ Dragon ] Dragon Dance - [ Flying ] Defog (HM)

Tyrantrum | male | Adamant | Strong Jaw
[ Dark ] Crunch - [ Electric ] Thunder Fang (Egg Move) - [ Poison ] Poison Fang (Egg Move) - [ Normal ] Roar

Dragonair | female | Gentle | Shed Skin
[ Dragon ] Twister - [ Water ] Surf - [ Ice ] Mist - [ Dragon ] Dragon Dance

Froslass | female | Docile | Cursed Body (HA)
[ Ice ] Icy Wind - [ Fight ] Wake-up Slap - [ Normal ] Protect (TM) - [ Normal ] Bide (Egg Move)

[ Mask I - Charizard ✩ ]
" Fougasse "

" Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man. "
Henry Adams



ALIAS Fougasse

Charizard ✩ [ Fire/Flying ]
ABILITY Blaze ( When HP is below 1/3rd its maximum, power of Fire-type moves is increased by 50%. )

Naughty ( Attack + , Sp. Defense - )


[ Fire ] Incinerate (TM) | The user attacks opposing Pokemon with fire. If a Pokemon is holding a certain item, such as a berry, the item becomes burned up and unusable. | STAB
[ Fire ] Inferno | The user attacks by engulfing the target in an intense fire. It leaves the target with a burn. | STAB
[ Normal ] Scary Face | The user frightens the target with a scary face to harshly reduce its Speed stat.
[ Normal ] Smokescreen | The user releases an obscuring cloud of smoke or ink. It reduces the target's accuracy.

Immune to Ground || 1/4 damage from Bug and Grass || 1/2 damage from Fire, Steel and Fairy

4x damage from Rock || 2x damage from Water


As Fougasse, Maximilian drops his social good guy games. He sees no point keeping up a good front for a persona no one can definitely connect to him. Frankly, this sort of ‘freedom’ tastes very sweet to him and he enjoys it wholeheartedly.
Sometimes Fougasse commits arsons with the meaning of producing burn victims for Maximilian’s hospital. His motive is purely monetary - if the hospital seems busy, he has grounds to ask for bigger fundings and, eventually, fatten his own paycheck.
Capable of flight, but built more for long-distance travel than graceful flying stunts.
The flame at the tip of the tail can be read as an indicator of Fougasse’s mood and health. It burns brighter when he’s in good health and good mood, and vice versa.
Using Inferno demands a lot of energy and is exhausting for Fougasse, severely so if used multiple times.
Taller than Maximilian (195 cm ~ 6'5") thanks to being digitigrade.

[ Mask II - Cofagrigus ]
" Hybris "

" Never presume that I will not act on my worst instincts."
Cesare Borgia



ALIAS Hybris

Cofagrigus [ Ghost ]
ABILITY Mummy ( Contact with the Pokémon changes the attacker's Ability to Mummy. )

Bold ( Defence + , Attack - )

Ring on left ring finger

[ Normal ] Disable | For four turns, this move prevents the target from using the move it last used.
[ Ghost ] Ominous Wind | The user blasts the target with a gust of repulsive wind. This may also raise all the user's stats at once. | STAB
[ Electric ] Shock Wave (Tutor) | The user strikes the target with a quick jolt of electricity. This attack cannot be evaded.
[ Psychic ] Psychic (TM) | The target is hit by a strong telekinetic force. This may also lower the target's Sp. Def stat.

Immune to Normal || 1/2 damage from Poison and Bug

2x damage from Ghost and Dark


In short, Hybris is all of Deacon’s ego and greed on an overdrive. It’s not an underestimation to say Hybris has a bit of a god complex. He believes he’s perfect in every possible way, above everyone else, and his favorite way of showing it is shoving others in the dirt in front of him.
Being also a creature of greed, Hybris is subjectable to a strong urge to possess and own anything he deems somehow desirable - no matter if we’re talking inanimate object or other people, they're all things to him. It's not unheard of that he uses his ghost abilities for stealing.
Hybris can summon his extra ghost arms - either one or two pairs - at will and use them for some extra reach (10 feet maximum). However, in order for them to interact with physical objects or non-Ghost types, he needs to corporealize them which demands mental focus. Using them too much tires him out - two pairs faster than one - and is a recipe for a killer headache. On top of it, if he wants to summon up both pairs, the mental drain it causes cuts the power of all his moves by 50%. For this reason, he rarely summons up more than one pair, if even that, unless it's purely for intimidation purposes.
While Hybris can eat gold just like a feral Cofagrigus, he is sensible enough to not eat what's rightfully his. He may treat himself a little if he manages to steal some, though.

3rd Aug -17: aesthetic tweaks
15th Jun -17: history reboot + age up
24th Apr -17: 2nd Mask
16th Oct -16: design update for Fougasse
26th Sep -16: new app template
Aug 18th -16: he's in

Charizard / Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Maximilian & art (c) me
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