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P-NO: Impero // Playlist by Derekari P-NO: Impero // Playlist by Derekari
[[ WV: Clyde ]]

[ Listen here ]

I. Shinedown - Breaking Inside

I don't want to live
To waste another day
Underneath the shadow of mistakes I made
Cause I feel like I'm breaking inside

II. Three Days Grace - Unbreakable Heart

Hijacked when you weren’t looking
Behind your back people are talking
Using words that cut you down to size
You want to fight back
You’re out in the open
You’re under attack
But your spirit’s not broken
You know it’s worth fighting for

III. Skillet - Sick Of It

I'm running out of time
For me to break this
I'm tired of feeling like
I'm never gonna make it

No one can make this better
Take control, it's now or never

IV. Nine Lashes - Adrenaline

This life is never simple
And never quite serene
The sky is open
But I can't believe it's open to me

This time I'm taking chances
The chance is all a dream
This time I'll pick up the pieces
Never really thought that I could feel this

V. Panic! At The Disco - Turn Off The Lights

So sick of wasting all my time
How in God's name did I survive?
I need a little sympathy
To sore my insecurities
Our consciences
Are always so much heavier than our egos
I set my expectations high
So nothing ever comes out right

So shoot a star on the boulevard tonight
I think I'll figure it out with a little more time
But who needs time

VI. Leader - Warrior Inside

I’m alive
A revolution lies inside
I’m alive
No longer will this hate divide
And I’ll stand
I will fight, just to survive
I won’t be denied
I’m a warrior inside

VII. Shinedown - State Of My Head

They don’t know, where we’ve been
We got that concrete street skin
The only way I’m leavin’ is dead
That’s the state of my, state of my, state of my head

VIII. Blacklite District - Take Me To The Grave

Flying, trying
Just to stay above the lying, hiding
From the pain inside the heart I'm killing
I just can't be saved
Take me to the grave

What I feel in my veins
So much better than the shame
No remorse for my weakness
Just this war inside my brain

IX. EELS - New Alphabet

This is my world
I'm staking my claim
Thanks for the invite
No thanks just the same

It's looking good now
Full speed ahead
I'll live today
Like tomorrow I'm dead

X. Cult To Follow - Leave It All Behind

Suffocate everything
They complicate everything
They seal your fate everyday but you can't believe it
Take yourself far away from nothingness
A million miles from emptiness
And leave it all behind you

Forget the decay
And the endlessness of all of our mistakes
Forget all the blame
And the apathy
And throw it all away
Forget the pain, forget the hate
Forget all your enemies
They never will break you again

XI. Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow

And I'll survive, paranoid
I have lost the will to change
And I am not proud, cold-blooded fake
I will shut the world away

Open your eyes!

I will not bow
I will not break
I will shut the world away

XII. Stone Sour - Gone Sovereign

Come no further, you go too far
I'm running 'round in circles once again
If you can't forgive me, I won't take it very hard
But I won't make it easy in the end

So scatter all my ashes when I'm dead
And shatter every legend in my head
If only the contented will survive
Is anybody here still left alive?

This is mine

Clyde "Caedet", art (c) me
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