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P-NO: Ghost pain // playlist by Derekari P-NO: Ghost pain // playlist by Derekari
[[ WV: Clyde ]]

"You can tell how dangerous a person is by the way they hold their anger inside themselves quietly."
[ Listen here ]

I. VNV Nation - Nemesis
I want justice for the voice that can't be heard
Vindication for every suffering and hurt
Let retribution hold dominion over earth
Because Judgement Day's not coming
Judgement Day's not coming soon enough

II. Ensiferum - Wanderer
In time bleeding wounds will heal
Unlike some which are too deep to see
Like scars in the Nomads soul
Their mending is so slow
Not a shout of a hundred enemies
Can make him feel fear inside him
But when sunsets and the cold arrives
With crushing solitude in the darkness of night

III. Sonata Arctica - Zeroes
Hello, although I'm a static Zero.
I'm fighting all your wars,
while you dwell in your hypocrisy
You think the world is fine,
when all the evil's overlined
Before you wake up this morning

IV. 12 Stones - Infected
I feel weak
I feel numb
Had enough
Of this poison we've injected
Living in this world infected
Out, let me out
Tell me how
We all got so disconnected
Sick of living in this world infected

V. Muse - Butterflies And Hurricanes
Fights and battles have begun
Revenge will surely come
Your hard times are ahead

Best, you've got to be the best
You've got to change the world
And use this chance to be heard
Your time is now

Don't let yourself down
Don't let yourself go
Your last chance has arrived

VI. Skillet - Madness In Me
Just one chance, is all it takes
Can't change the past,
But I can fight to change today
This is not the way that I thought
I would turn out to be
Try to get but all that it got
Was more insanity
Broken everything that it does,
Just going against me
Got to get away

VII. Avenged Sevenfold - This Means War
I left me long ago
Reasons you'll never know
No one to miss me when I'm gone
With no more words to say
No argument to stay.
Another post I don't belong

This means war

VIII. Reveille - Modified Lie
Waking asleep- I can't sleep yet I'm sleeping
I'm slipping again and no hope's what I'm thinking
I'm buried alive inside, so claustrophobic
Nothing to say today- afraid and we know it
What do I know, I know that we know nothing
I feel like I'm constantly waiting for something
What am I waiting for, what am I trying to do?
I'm trying to prove that it's all a lie

IX. KoRn - Did My Time
Sometimes I can never tell
If I got something after me
That's why I just beg and plead
For this curse to leave me

Tell me, why am I to blame?
Aren't we supposed to be the same?
That's why I can never tame
This thing that's burning in me

I am the one who chose my path
I am the one who couldn't last
I feel the life pulled from me
I feel the anger changing me

X. Set It Off - Nightmare
Wait, something doesn't feel right (right)
No, something seems wrong (wrong)
And I've been feeling this way (oh that's too bad), for far too long
As my vision gets blurred, my skin's getting colder
Appearing young, while I'm growing older
I collapse to the floor and scream
"Can't anybody save me from myself?"

XI. Black Sabbath - Iron Man
Has he lost his mind?
Can he see or is he blind?
Can he walk at all,
Or if he moves will he fall?
Is he alive or dead?
Has he thoughts within his head?
We'll just pass him there
Why should we even care?

XII. Five Finger Death Punch - Tragic Truth
Are we born to be broken?
Sinners and thieves
Someone tell the heavens I'm ready to escape
This is not what I wanted — not what I need
Take it all, tear it all
Rip it all away

I can't say the devil made me do it
I chose to be the one I am, the way I am today
I wish there was, but there's no way around it
In the end, I made the choice and will not die ashamed

XIII. Black Lab - This Night
There's a game
That I played
There are rules
I had to break
There's mistakes
That are made
But I made 'em my way

So, take this night
Wrap it around me like a sheet
I know I'm not forgiven
But I need a place to sleep

because I've had the songs waiting since forever h a

Clyde & art (c) me
NauRava Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
//casually collects all the songs and puts them on inspiration playlist never mind me
Derekari Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015
I saw what you did thar >:U
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